look who’s talking…well sorta

Sophia seems to have found her voice today–making cute non-pain-related sounds for the first time, I guess she has had enough of people standing around talking about her and not having a voice.  It is very sweet–I think she surprises herself.  The Minneapolis teacher who stopped by yesterday asked if we were able to interpret her different cries–so far, we have the “Papa, quit bugging me!” whine (which we hear a lot); the “I’m in so much pain, can’t you do something about this immediately!?!” wail; and the “I hate to cry about this, but I just don’t feel very good” wince.  But, the new sounds coming out of her today are happy exploratory sounds.


Sophia had a snuzzly day again.  She slept most of the morning, a majority of it rocking with Grandma.  The rest of the day, Mom and Dad took turns holding her and talking about how cute our little orangutan is, squirming around, making noises, and looking scared to death that she she is trapped in this room with us.  John thinks it is a survival mechanism for babies–looking cute enough that people are willing to change their diapers.  


Overnight, Sophia drank from her bottle consistently and went right back to sleep afterwards.  However, she coughed quite a bit during a couple feedings this morning, so her speech therapist wants her to wait to take a bottle until she can watch her again tomorrow morning.  


We anticipate going home in two or three days now, and finally have a better plan for increasing the rate of her feeds.  We also went to training on how to take care of Sophia’s Hickman line.  As it turns out now, they might take it out before she leaves anyway.  It would sort of be nice for her to have it, though, so they don’t have to find a new vein every time she needs a blood draw, but it will mean one less thing hanging from her chest.  


Sophia made her first visit to the hospital library tonight and we think she feels at home around books, although she wasn’t interested enough in the story to keep from falling asleep while cuddling a big teddy bear.