Mirror, mirror on the floor

061sozo061.jpgSophia’s started making the cutest little pucker face with her eyes all squinted up (she likes to practice different versions of it in the mirror), and Zoe smiled at herself in the mirror today for the first time, kind of shyly, but a real smile. If I didn’t know that all kids love mirrors, I’d think they learned this from their Papa!

Sophia also has started directing our hands to touch everything she wants to touch. Her favorite game is playing peek-a-boo by moving our hands away from our faces herself and then giggling. Guess she doesn’t like surprises! She’s also started to bawl when her Papa uses funny voices or imitates someone.

We continue to use a topical steroid to try to reduce the granulation tissue that is growing around Sophia’s G-tube site (stoma). It hasn’t really worked, but GI says there is no reason to do the silver nitrate treatment right now if it isn’t causing any problems.

For the most part both girls have been sleeping better. A couple of times, we’ve used John’s white noise trick of vacuuming to calm them down or get them back to sleep. The shower worked for awhile, but hasn’t been as effective lately. Zoe has had a couple stretches of going about 6 hours w/o eating (and about 4 1/2 of sleeping). A couple of nights ago, she slept from 7 to 7, waking only every 3 hours to eat! We might be heading into earlier bedtimes now that she is almost 2 months old, but, then again, it could have been a fluke (likely, since the next night bedtime was 11:15). I’m not that obsessed about getting her to sleep through the night because I still have to get up 2 or 3 times to do something for Sophia. I can’t always combine them, but I know I’d never sleep for a very long stretch anyway, so there is no point in stressing about getting Zoe to sleep longer.

Sophia had a couple of harder nights because of teething, but has generally been going to sleep well and napping consistently in her crib. We’ve now added a bath to her bedtime routine, which really seems to be working. All the advice recommends it, but I thought it would never work for Sophia since she has so much fun in her bath splashing and getting all worked up. Then she squirms some more when I put Karen’s special “calming” lotion on, her Vitamin E for her scars, her cream for her stoma, and her diaper cream and diaper, and then try to comb her hair. Maybe all of this kicking and squirming wears her out instead of giving her a second wind. In any case it has been working for now. I was typically bathing her daily anyway, because she usually gets some spit up in her hair; we just didn’t do it at night. After she’s all dressed and ready for bed after the bath, we read stories (or chew on books as seems to be the case these days) and sing songs to calm her down.

One morning Sophia woke up with her daily morning cough (which I now call a morning wretch because it is so awful), and John went in to check on her since I was nursing Zoe. When he came back, I asked if he’d checked her diaper since her cough usually triggers her to poop. He hadn’t, so when I went in about an hour later when there was more coughing and the room smelled, I started to unsnap her jammies. I almost immediately put my hand in a leg full of poop–yuck! I guess the diaper I’d put on in the middle of the night must not have been quite even. Needless to say, I’m much more careful these days. John’s poop scare this week was when he was nibbling on Zoe’s toes and then stopped to ask me what the orange stuff was on her heel–not likely to be Sophia’s pureed squash–more likely that I didn’t notice her kicking into her diaper when I was changing her.

Our “soothing center” (swing) arrived, and Zoe seems to like it alright. It doesn’t sooth her if she isn’t already soothed, but it is a safe place for her when we need to leave her to tend to Sophia.

When Grandma was here on Friday, we made some Jello for Sophia to play with. She seemed a little disturbed by the texture or temperature (but who wouldn’t, it’s such an odd food). She wasn’t really interested in putting it in her mouth (saving room for pieces of crayon, I guess).

I made our last batch of formula (hopefully for forever) this week; Sophia has now transitioned entirely to Pediasure. It felt really weird to be putting all of that stuff away. I guess we are moving into a new chapter. We are going to try the Pediasure without fiber to see if that is better, and we have started giving her more free water. It’s hard because she can’t tell us she is thirsty; we just have to analyze her poop! Like her teacher said, at least this stuff smells better as spit up (vanilla).

Sophia still loves her feet. She loves to put them in her Papa’s mouth for him to nibble and was playing footsie with me the other day. Because she likes to see her feet at all times, she doesn’t wear socks at home. When we take her for walks in the stroller when the weather is a little cool, however, we do try to have her wear socks. She is usually able to get at least one off, causing people we run into to let us know that she has only one sock. We tried the “kick proof” socks from John’s Aunt Fran; they may be kick proof, but “pull proof” they aren’t. Grandma found some little white sandals in her size that are actually wide enough because of the Velcro straps; these help the socks stay on, but it looks a little funny.

On Sunday the girls got to met their Great, Great Aunt Jean and their only Great, Great Uncle (Joe). Zoe got some extra cuddling, and Sophia got to have some distraction from her teething with Joe’s funny noises.

Siobhan came to play with the girls on Monday when she didn’t have school. She put her babysitting training to the test and changed her first diaper! I gave her the choice between the one that would likely be poopy (Zoe) and the one that would be squirmy (Sophia). She chose Sophia and finally had to beg Sophia for “some help here.” The second she’d lay her down, Sophia would turn over and sit right up (see photo). There are also more photos in the gallery, as we had some catching up to do.


  1. Auntie Erin says:

    Hmm. Remind me not to read of the (mis)adventures of diapering (which I still have never done, go Siobhan!!) while eating my oatmeal… Love the new pics though!

  2. christy says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Deb!
    You are an unbelievable supermother! All hail the highfunctioning sleepless mommy!

    Don’t worry – the potty issues get easier (though sometimes more interesting). Yesterday, as I was pulling out a toiletful of toilet paper that was clogging my mom’s toilet, I said, “Well, I’m glad he’s becoming more independent!” I think the squirmy stage was one of the worst, though. I resorted to fully strapping Simon into his changing table.

    John’s poop story reminds me of when our dog was a pup, and she ate some cat poop and ran over and kissed me in my mouth.

    Does Sophia fit into any of those footed pants anymore? Now those might be harder for her to get off.