Today Sophia went on a car ride to eat at her first pizzeria and celebrate “Auntie” Karen’s Birthday.  We’ve become so accustomed to her tube that it took me awhile to realize it probably looked pretty strange to the other patrons.  She had this syringe and tube coming out from under her little sailor dress.  She did a great job and drank her whole bottle on her own, but we still needed the syringe on the end for venting.  


As it turns out, Sophia still doesn’t like her car seat (even after a month reprieve).  She’s also grown quite a bit since we last used it.  We had to loosen up the straps so she could fit into it.  The home health nurse measured her at 22 inches on Tuesday (she was 19 1/2 at birth).  Even though one nurse actually measured her at 19 inches a few weeks after birth, I presume that was more about Sophia’s squirming than any loss in height.  We can also tell how much she has grown when she’s in the Baby Bjorn.  Her arms actually fit in the holes, and her head doesn’t flop all the way back anymore.  Although the changes are gradual, it’s amazing to see how much she has actually changed in these past 11 weeks.  We don’t want to ever forget these times when she’s so tiny and sweet (and isn’t being rebellious and talking back to us).