momma needs Ben & Jerry

In rounds today, the weekend doctors were especially concerned about the fact that Sophia really hasn’t gained any weight since she’s been here.  They spent a lot of time debating how to get her more calories–breast milk analysis, formula, increased fortifier, etc.  One recommendation was that I eat more high fat dairy products–that’s an easy one to follow!  They ended up agreeing to wait to see how she did on the synthroid medication before they gave her a known amount of calories (from formula) to see how she did on that.  In the meantime, she’s getting an increased fortifier–so we hope to see some more weight gain.  


I continue to lobby everyone who comes by to see if we can get our little baby out of here for a stroller ride in the beautiful weekend weather.  They have a portable monitor, so it really is just about having the staff to chaperone us (and I suppose the precedent it would set).  I think it would really perk her up to see the outside world–but I’m doubtful we’ll get it approved.


As far as the above picture goes, I find it rather unfortunate that the hospital staff consistently abbreviates breast milk–we have all kinds of bottles, warmers, and fridges labeled “BM”.  A nurse just yelled to another:  “I’m going to go mix up some BM!”


John was just telling me he felt like he was spending Saturday night at a Laurie Anderson concert–various alarms beeping at different tempos interceded by wailing, hungry preemies.  The life of a NICU parent…