mommy’s day

Our day started out with John waking us for Sophia’s 3AM feeding with a clean shaven face!  It was a great mother’s day surprise and now Sophia doesn’t grimace when her Papa kisses her.  Sophia surprised me when I woke up before the 7AM alarm and found her wide awake, waiting to be fed.  We always have to set the alarm to wake her to eat, so it was fun to see her already awake.  I did overhear Papa talking to her about making mother’s day card, but I think she decided to stick with this gift.  She also learned to hug today–snuggling both arms around my neck (Papa doesn’t really believe me, but that’s okay).  


She slept between feedings most of the morning, which gave me time to look at the Sunday paper (which I thought I’d never get a chance to do again after she was born), take a shower, and pick up her room!  She woke up in time to put on her second pretty dress of the day (after the first got too wet while eating), along with her cashmere sweater.  Now I know it sounds over the top to put a 6-week-old baby in an off-white cashmere sweater, but it was a gift and its color matches her spit up, so it should be just fine!  The soft texture will also be really good for her sensory development.  Papa cooked dinner for Grandma, Uncle Todd, Aisling, and Siobáhn.  We had fun showing them Sophia’s tummy time exercises–she really responded to Siobhán’s voice (see new pictures in the media section).  We’ll also post the video of Sophia turning her head to see Siobhån reading “Pat the Bunny”.


Yesterday, Sophia had her first picnic.  We went to the Minnehaha Falls dog park and had a picnic lunch.  We didn’t have picnic food at home, so stopped for Subway–something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do for ages after eating there so many times at the hospital.  Sophia of course just had fortified breast milk, warmed up in a thermos of hot water.  Mukwa had fun swimming and retrieving sticks, and Sophia got to take in some more fresh air.  Most people who see her comment about how tiny she is–as though we shouldn’t be taking her out yet.  It feels so good to be out of the hospital that we want to expose her to the outdoors as much as possible.  That morning we took her to the Co-op again and put on her sunscreen, forgetting that at noon the sun would come right in her Baby Bjorn–so we had to shade her with our empty egg cartons as we walked down the street.  Later when I was reading info from the pediatrician so I could call the nurse line, I read that we should not be using sunscreen–oops!  Guess we need to find some thin clothing for these walks.