more drugs!!

Sophia went to her first art show this weekend.  We went to see John’s picture at the Hopkins Center for Performing Arts.  His picture has a lot of visibility, and it was fun to see it hanging in a show.  Sophia was a great sport, riding in the car seat for a long time both ways as we navigated through construction to pick up her “Auntie” Nicole and get out to Hopkins. She even made it through lunch.  We realized when getting ready that not only can she finally start to wear 3-6 month clothes, but she is also growing out of her newborn outfits!  It will be sad to pack them away, but she got a lot of wear out of them in these 20 weeks.  


Papa is packing up for his trip to Montana.  We are really going to miss him; hopefully video conferencing on the computers will work well enough that he can still make Sophia smile and he can see how happy he makes her.  Luckily Grandma is coming during the days to help me so I don’t have to miss much work and won’t feel so isolated.


Our cardiologist appointment went really well.  Her VSD has shrunk from 8mm to 4.8mm.  Her pressure differentials are below that at which they’d do surgery and she is shunting right to left, so she isn’t getting that increased flow to her lungs which would cause the pulmonary hypertension they’ve been worried about.  Her doctor says kids with Down Syndrome are really unpredictable, however, so she wants to keep a close eye on her.  She, of course, was concerned about the big bruise on Sophia’s face.  After John explained what had happened, the doctor went to hand him a document for something and said “Don’t drop it!”    


Our GI appointment went well, too.  Even though it feels like we are really struggling with her eating, he said she is doing really great for a heart baby.  She hasn’t had a lot of the complications they normally see, so that is reassuring.  He put us back on Prilosec to neutralize the stomach acid that is bothering her and added yet another medicine that coats her esophagus to try to make the reflux less bothersome.  They haven’t seemed to have made a big difference, but maybe it just takes time.  


We got a letter from Minneapolis Public Schools explaining how to deposit money into Sophia’s hot lunch account and giving her her PIN number.  Hmm…  seems like they could separate out the 4 1/2 month olds from the school lunch mailing!  I don’t see her remembering her PIN number any time soon, but maybe school lunch would be more appetizing than what she’s getting at home.