Motor skills and motor mouths

This was a big week for motoring of all kinds. Monday night unfortunately turned into a mouthy night. I went to do a phone bank for work, and Zoe was none to happy to realize she couldn’t nurse when she woke up. Her crying woke her sister, so poor Papa had two unhappy babies on his hands. I guess next time we’ll see if Zoe can be quiet enough to go to the phone bank with me. Her nights, however, have actually been working better when we have her skip her last nap, so I could maybe even try leaving her again.

Tuesday was a pretty tough day for Sophia with her teeth. We finally started adding Ibuprofen with the Tylenol (until we realized she wasn’t supposed to have any before going into the operating room on Monday).

Thursday, Sophia got to come to visit my office for the first time. I figured it was a good time to bring her before cold and flu season. She had fun meeting new people and checking in on others she’d met before. She flapped her arms to say “hi” and “bye” and liked smiling to show off her new teeth. When she finally got to get down on the floor, she was busy practicing her standing and tripod crawl and trying to get Sharon’s giggle ball to make noise. This was also our very first trip with Sophia alone in the backseat. Her reflux has improved enough that we thought we would give it a try, and it went well. Its kind of amazing that at almost 1 1/2 years old, we’d never taken her anywhere alone.

When I got home after work that day and was playing with Sophia, she clapped for the first time! I guess she’d been working on that with Grandma. (She’s been able to clap Zoe’s head with both hands for awhile, but hasn’t clapped her own hands together before 😉 ). Our little ham Sophia has been busy clapping ever since, including clapping for me when I was changing her poopy diaper in the dark. She has a big smile to go along with her clap; it’s pretty cute.

Friday morning we had Zoe’s IFSP meeting with the school district to decide on the services to help her with her fine and gross motor skill development. As we updated them on her progress, they seemed to think she may not need services very long. She went down for a nap right when they got here, so Sophia got to have lots of attention. I scared poor Zoe when I went to get her up. I saw that she’d rolled over in her crib and shouted it to everyone downstairs, but Zoe hadn’t seen me come in (because she was on her tummy) and cried really hard.

That afternoon, Zoe had her 6 month check up, and Sophia had her pre-op appointment (to get checked out before Monday’s hearing check in the OR). Zoe is now 17 pounds, 11 ounces (78 %ile); she is 26 1/4″ (65%ile), and her head is in the 85th percentile! Sophia is at 22 pounds, 11 ounces, and is 30 1/2″ tall. They each got a turn to cry; Zoe had 3 immunizations, and Sophia had a blood draw. Our pediatrician thought Zoe’s fine motor skills were great since she kept trying to put his stethoscope in her mouth while he was trying to use it, was grabbing his fingers when he was trying to examine her, and when that didn’t work, grabbed his name tag and stuck it right in her mouth. He also thought her tripod sitting was pretty much on target for the 6 month olds he sees. We talked to him about Zoe’s eating, and he had a good laugh that we were feeding her avocado (you’d think we were giving her arugula or something). He really wants us to get her to eat the rice cereal for the iron. We’ve tried it again, and she hasn’t been so thrilled with it. I think I’ll start mixing it with vegetables and see if that is better. While Zoe was being examined, Sophia and Papa played with the little spinning wheel in the office, and she used the sign for “more” to ask him to do it again! Both girls were healthy (thankfully), and neither one has to go back until they get their flu shots in November. Quite a change not to have weekly doctor visits anymore!

Saturday Sophia stood on her own for 4 seconds! She got up with just a little push off from my leg and stood all on her own. Later she got up on her own from the floor and tried to balance herself with Zoe’s shoulder (not too effective). Zoe has also started rolling to her tummy on a more regular basis. She seems to prefer her tummy time when she gets there herself (or when she is on Papa’s chest and he is giving her zerberts).

We spent the afternoon at teddy bear park in Stillwater. The girls got to go down slides and feel the sand in their toes. There was a nice padded surface for them to crawl on. They also met a nice little boy, Tate, or “tater tot.” We stopped at the house John loves and realized we didn’t love the land (it was raining last time we were there, so we hadn’t really explored it), so it doesn’t look like we’ll be moving in the near future. We didn’t get home in time for the girls to go to our neighbor’s housewarming party, but they made it to Aisling and Siobhàn’s housewarming party briefly on Sunday. We tried everything to get Sophia to nap, so we got a really late start. (One of those days where you feel well-intentioned, but completely unsuccessful at parenting). It’s a good thing she is so good-natured. We’d been out to Grandma’s house in the morning, and they did a fabulous job in their car seats. Zoe slept and Sophia was content to watch our hands and give us sly smiles every time we looked over. We can’t figure out what that is all about; it is almost like she is getting into some mischief. We’ll look over at her and she’ll just be grinning from ear to ear at whoever is in the backseat with her.

We realized at Aisling’s house that Sophia is really a ham. I expect her to be the center of things at our house when people come over and when her teachers visit, but even at their house, she was twirling around making sure everyone could see her standing up. She cheers the loudest for herself, of course. Hopefully, we can teach her to cheer for the other kids too.

Besides clapping, she has also learned this week to give glasses back after she takes them off your face. Zoe, on the other hand, is having trouble with the giving skill. She wants to keep the spoon in her mouth and not let me get it out to get more food on it. I think she thinks it is like the bottle where food just continues to come out.

The girls are currently sleeping to get ready for our big day in OR tomorrow. We just found out that we aren’t getting bumped to 5:30AM and can arrive at a leisurely 9:30 (for an 11:30 procedure).


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Good Luck tomorrow!!! I love the picture of Zoe eating John’s nose!

  2. Sending happy thoughts! Hope all went well this morning.
    Great pics, as always. 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday Deb. My mind was so full of thoughts about the party that I slipped. Can we do dinner this weekend to celebrate your birthday and your upcoming wedding anniversary? Saturday?

    Was great to see all four of you on Sunday. The girls looked great and were the highlight of Siobhàn’s day.