Oh those runny noses

019SOZO019.jpgWell, I walked around today with a wipe in my left pocket for left-handed Zoe and a wipe in my right pocket for right-handed Sophia.  Their noses have been a little runny, so we are trying to keep them wiped, but the girls universally do not like their noses wiped.  Sophia’s nose is actually better, but Wednesday night she was really uncomfortable and junky and then Thursday morning had a big sneeze where it all came gushing out.  I was across the room and couldn’t help laugh because it was the biggest snot and the littlest face I’d ever seen!  Anyway, she was a little runny for the rest of the day and the next couple, but seems to be on the mend.  The doctor listened to her on Friday and said she sounded fine and her ears looked good.

I was reading in “the book” that most kids have 10 colds by the time they are 2 years old, so I guess we can’t complain about cold #1 in month #20.

Zoe’s didn’t start until right after we got home from her 9 month check-up.  She’s had a little more trouble sleeping than her sister.  She wakes up and doesn’t really want to go back to sleep on her own.  She’s started sleeping on her tummy a lot, maybe that helps her nose a little bit.  Friday night she woke up and after two failed attempts to get her to lay back down, she started really crying.  We ended up just turning on the light to give her a little break and then let her look at pictures of herself on the computer (which was a big hit).  Finally, she sat up with us while we ate the pizza we’d ordered (when we thought she was asleep) and watched a movie.  She was so cute sitting on the floor with her pizza crust going back and forth watching us and the screen.  We gave her some Tylenol too as we thought it might have been her second flu shot that was bothering her.  She is also drooling more than usual, so it could also be teeth, but we haven’t seen any popping through so far.  We are hoping she waits until Sophia is done (since Sophia waited until she was born, we think the Universe owes us one!)  Sophia’s top two molars are almost in and the teeth next to them have popped through too, so she is almost there until she gets that last set of molars.

Sophia started her next ECFE class this week (18-36 months).  It is a gradual separation class, so the parents and kids play together for the first half of the time and then the parents go across the hall while the kids stay and play with their teachers and friends.  I guess the teacher will come to the parent room if kids are asking for their parents.  It is really nice for us that Sophia’s Special Ed teacher comes to class, so she has a familiar face during the separation time, and we get a little report of how she did.  I guess she met a little friend and they played peek a boo together and really hit it off!  She even waved bye-bye to her at the end.  Her teacher also reported that she was gentle with the other kids (so maybe she really is intending to hurt Zoe…).  It sounded like it was a really successful day.  Papa learned in his class that we are to celebrate the “no’s”–basically be proud of the kids for learning their independence and telling us they don’t want to do something.  It’s kind of like the doctor getting excited that Sophia was actively resisting him looking in her ears and listening to her lungs (and he didn’t even see her get a blood draw).

On Tuesday, the girls got to have PT together, and Zoe loved Jane this week.  In fact she seemed a little jealous when it was Sophia’s turn.  We ended the session in the kitchen playing with pots and pans.  (Of course, we are also supposed to be excited that Sophia can get into the cupboards!)

On Wednesday, they had OT and made little Christmas tree ornaments by shaking glitter onto a pine cone.  We are supposed to work more with both of them at pretending, playing with more toys where they have to make believe.

Friday, Sophia got to spend her first morning at Grandma’s house all by herself with no parents.  Grandma said that after a little while she seemed to realize she was somewhere new, and got a little teary, but was fine after snuggling (and reading Grandma’s Pooh book a couple dozen times).  She was sleeping on Grandma’s lap when I got back from my meeting in St. Cloud.  I guess it is a good thing Grandma likes to snuzzle.

Zoe got to spend some one-on-one time with Papa and made some new friends at the coffee shop.

Grandma and Uncle Todd ending up coming on Saturday too as I had a work meeting and Siobhàn had strep throat.  Zoe wasn’t so happy to sleep with her runny nose, but I think all in all they had a good day.  We got a quick trip in to the swings while we had the warm front, so they enjoyed that, too.

Zoe learned this week to put food (or her messy hands) over her high chair tray for Mukwa to lick.  They are both big fans of this game.  She was up to about 75% in all of the measurement categories at the doctor this time.  Her weight seems to be concentrated in her thighs (probably from not being as active as other kids her age) and so most of her little slim pants don’t fit; she is living in sweats and stretch pants for the most part.  She is still not happy about loud noises.  When I’ve sneezed or coughed this weekend, she cries like I’ve just yelled at her, poor thing.

Sophia seems to have learned how to sign “love.”  She’ll do it with us and did it with a book tonight.  She’s so cute looking at herself crossing her arms.  She’ll throw a ball out of her ball pit if you ask her to, so she seems to be understanding what we are asking.  Grandma put a MIC-KEY button in Baby Stella on Saturday, and I guess Sophia was very excited to show it to Papa.  Maybe this will help curb a little bit of her curiosity (and pulling at her own).  Another doll has joined the family; although she is technically “Baby Stella Pigtails,” she has been renamed “Athena” so we don’t have two Stella’s.  This was the middle name John preferred for Zoe, so now he’s been able use it.  As it turns out, we should have had the bald baby for Zoe and the baby with hair for Sophia, but we didn’t know about “Pigtails” when we got the first Stella.  The girls have fun giving them their magnetic pacifiers and bottle.  Sophia sleeps with hers and I imagine Zoe will when she’s old enough to have toys in her crib.


  1. I love the shot of the two girls looking at each other on the swings.
    So cute. Looks like they need to keep a close eye on each other.