Our Brown-Eyed Girls

001SOZO001.jpgThis weekend we took our afternoon window (between Zoe’s second to last nap and Sophia’s bedtime) to go out to lunch a couple of times.  The girls loved it; John thought it was pretty sad that eating out has become our big adventure!  Sophia’s favorite thing was the music, and she had lots of fun dancing in her high chair.  She was bouncing so much to “Brown Eyed Girl” that the waiter came by to ask whether she was a big Van Morrison fan.  Zoe’s favorite thing was watching the servers and other patrons.  Of course, she isn’t shy about craning her neck to watch everything.  I think the girls stared at other people more than they stared at us with our two high chairs and toys flying and arms reaching for everything on the table.  We laughed at the 2-hour parking limit at one place; we thought we were lucky to last 20 minutes!  It works pretty well to go mid-afternoon as things are pretty quiet, and we don’t have to wait too long.  Even though there weren’t many people around, I think Zoe may have picked something up anyway as her nose has been really running since last night.  Hopefully, she’ll stop putting everything in her mouth soon.

Today, Sophia had school and another snack day.  We decided we’d better not bring Zoe with her runny nose, so I just took Sophia. During circle time, she decided to sit right in the middle while everyone sang songs.  She obviously enjoys being the center of attention.  She seemed to be doing well, so I went across the hall during parent time, even though her special ed teacher didn’t come today.  Well, today when the ECFE teacher came in to say that a couple of kids had “hit the wall,” Sophia was one of those kids!  He said he’d tried to put her shoe back on, and she lost it.  I guess she’d been upset for about 10 minutes before he came to get the parents.  Poor little teary, brown-eyed girl!  I did leave once to check on her, but didn’t dare actually go in or she might get upset.  I felt awful to hear she was so upset, but I have to tell myself that that is how she learns to separate.

We didn’t separate much this past week as I was home most of the week for the holidays.  We had lots of fun playing, reading, giggling, singing, and dancing.  We tried sliding New Years Day, but Sophia got snow in her face and didn’t love it too much.  We took Zoe down a shorter hill, and she seemed to like it alright.  New Year’s Eve was more fun for them.  They got to play with other kids over at Hillary and Lily’s house.  As John said, we got to watch our kids at someone else’s house!  Someday, we’ll have adult conversation again…

The girls are still having lots of fun with each other.  They always seem to be giggling at each other or trying to touch the other one.  Papa seems to encourages the wrestling002SOZO002.jpg. I don’ t know if this is how Sophia started pushing us down for “all fall down” or not.  Although it was pretty cute that she came up with this on her own, we have to nip it in the bud as she still has a big problem pushing Zoe over.

She’s really starting to communicate more:  telling us she wants to wash her hands everytime we go by a sink (or picking up on the word “wash” when I say:  “Let’s go downstairs to get the wash.”).  She’s also telling us “more” and “all done” more frequently, but I’m not always sure what she wants more of or what she wants to stop.  She even asked for more when eating this morning (while Zoe was grunting that she wanted more).  We take Sophia in for feeding assistance on Wednesday, so hopefully we can get some more ideas on how to get her more interested in food.  They had originally thought we could take her feeding tube out in a couple of years, but we are a long ways from that right now.  We have to figure out how to get her just hungry enough that she is still willing to try to practice eating and then teach her that eating satisfies her hunger.  Being fed most of the night really messes up her hunger sensation.  We also need to be helping her to gain weight again as she’s dipped a little, so we don’t have a lot of leeway to cut back on her food to create hunger, either.  Hopefully, things will come into place in the near future.  She is mildly interested in Zoe’s eating, so watching her might help, too.