Our own little roller girl

Sophia learned to roll over from her tummy to her back this week! John noticed a couple times that although he’d left her on her tummy, she was now on her back. Then on Saturday, we were playing and all of a sudden, she rolled onto her back! Earlier that morning she’d been moving to her side to try to escape me straightening her legs while she was on her tummy, so the next step was just rolling back over. I thought at first she was able to roll just because she was on a pillow, but she rolled over and over again while flat on the floor (only over her left shoulder for now). I stepped away once to chart her temp and came back to find her missing from the pillow where I’d left her and half way across the living room on the hardwood floor! Time to start baby-proofing. She remembered her new trick right away Sunday morning too– conveniently during “diaper-free” time (I guess I’ll need to put out more mats) and while I was trying to comb her hair (this could get interesting).

Sophia’s OT teacher came this week and was impressed with her progress in sitting. She left ribbons tied to many of her toys so that she’ll learn that she can pull them to move them and so she’ll practice a different kind of grasp.

I went to the OB again this week, and he recommended that since I was not getting that much milk anymore anyway, I should quit pumping. Now that I’m in my third trimester (30 weeks), the risk of pre-term labor being stimulated increases. So, we made it to 9+ months, but now Sophia is solely on formula, and Mama can eat chocolate again.

We brought Sophia in for the blood draw, and once again our favorite tech got it in one try. They needed lots of blood, so it took awhile, and there were lots of tears, but it was as painless as possible. We got the results back on Friday, and the doc says everything looks good. It is good that her elevated temp isn’t a result of anything horrible, but of course, we still don’t know what is wrong and that in itself is worrisome. We are supposed to go back if the fevers continue (which they have–today is Day #20 of having an official fever at some point during the day).

Sophia also had her very first sleep over on Friday night (if it counts when you go to bed at 5:30PM while your guest stays up and the two of you sleep in adjoining rooms). Her Godsister Siobhan spent the night, and Sophia had fun having someone else to show off for and to look around for. Someday, she’ll get to eat Hoppin’ John, play Deal or No Deal and watch movies, too.


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Hi Sophia…Sorry I haven’t been here in a while!!!! Wow! What a month you have had from sledding, to rolling over!!!!! Love all the pictures of you! Love to you all!