papa’s day

Sophia had a good weekend.  The home health nurse came Saturday morning, and Sophia was back up to 8 pounds, 8 ounces–so almost even for the week.  I guess the extra food is helping her recover what she lost.  The nurse was concerned that she might actually be getting overfed, so we are now only giving her the extra if she takes it by bottle.  We’ll see on Tuesday how it impacts her weight.  In the afternoon, we found a cute little neighborhood restaurant that we could walk to for lunch.  We sat outside alone, so she didn’t get exposed to anything (just saw a few kids walking by on their way to the park pool).  We didn’t realize there has been an air advisory out.  I guess you get rather oblivious when you are overtired and without a TV.  We’ll have to be more diligent about that though, as we don’t want to do anything to compromise her breathing any more than it already is.  


Sophia woke up early Sunday morning to make her Papa a card.  She still has some ink on her hand from the handprint she made, but hopefully that will come off soon.  Her Grandma and Uncle Todd came by for brunch, and then Momma and Papa left her with Grandma while they went to the Stone Arch Arts Festival.  She and Grandma had a good time (although I think I made Mom nervous when I asked if she wanted us to leave nurse line phone numbers).  We ran into one of her nurses aides and her pulmonologist at the Festival; it seems strange that there is this whole new group of people we’ve come to know.  We also met up with Aisling and Siobhan and checked out the cute little Smart Cars and the photography booths.  They brought dinner over for “God Fathers Day,” so Sophia got to have another photo shoot with Siobhan (and her stuffed animal buddies).  


Sophia had a lot to celebrate today, having such a wonderful father that she’s already very attached too.  She already responds to his voice and seems to roll her eyes at his teasing (you can just hear her saying “oh papa” in her head).  Even though he teases her mercilessly, he couldn’t adore her any more.  He knows just how to comfort her when she’s in pain and cheer her up when she’s unsettled.  He also loves to help her learn new things.  (He helped her discover her own hands last night).  He has a joy of learning and fun spirit that she will cling to as she grows.  Although she’ll be well-protected, he refuses to baby her, so hopefully she’ll be a stronger person for that.        


Even though I’ve resisted so far commenting on the absence of Sophia’s Grandpa, it does seem appropriate to mention him on Fathers’ Day.  This is our second Fathers’ Day without my Dad, and I miss him even more now that Sophia has arrived.  You could say I feel like I have my own hole in my heart now that he’s gone.  I’m sad for my little peanut that she’ll never experience the adoration of a Grandpa for his little girl.  She’ll never see his eyes twinkle just because she is in the room; she’ll never see him rush out the front door because he heard our car pull up in the driveway; she’ll miss riding with him around his yard on the tractors; she’ll miss getting what he always called a “foosguten,” riding on his cowboy boot (what some of you may call horsey); she’ll miss riding on his shoulders, even when his neck was extremely painful, and will miss crying on his shoulder because Momma and Papa refuse to let her have something she wants.  Luckily, Sophia has wonderful extended family, friends we consider family, and a Grandma who can drive a tractor too, so little Sophia will not be wanting for affection.