Party Hats and ________ Boys

097sozo097.jpgWe started off the week with Auntie Karen’s birthday lunch. Someday the girls will be able to eat the yummy pizza we ate too. It was a big deal for us to bring Sophia out last year, but we can be more relaxed about it now that she is healthier. The girls’ friend Simon set a good example for them of what you do when you spill a little something wet on your pants: just pull them down to your ankles so everyone can see your cute Curious George skivvies! The best part was watching and listening to the other customers as they came in while he waddled out. They couldn’t stop smiling and one even commented that he had a kid who did the same thing. They passed by our table and said: “He must have been with you.” I guess we were the only family friendly table there during the business lunch time.

The next day Zoe ended up coming to work with me because our power went out suddenly right before I was going to leave. Other homes in the neighborhood were going to have a scheduled outage, but when they got in to do the repairs, they decided ours needed to go too. We didn’t think Zoe would be too happy with a cold bottle, so I brought her to work. It’s a good thing she was really good as I had four different meetings that included several bosses. There was certainly no sneaking her in!

Thursday Sophia had therapy with both her OT and PT; it was their last day for this school year. We’ll sure miss them. We will have different people for the 6 weeks of service during the summer. Sophia did great standing up and trying to pull herself to standing from a sitting position on her bench. They also spent a little time talking to us about Zoe. I’ve mentioned a few times to them that I’m a little concerned about the frequency of her eye contact and her ability to track objects. It just seems like it is different than what they describe in “the books.” The teachers had apparently discussed it and agreed that it would make sense to have her assessed. When they were practicing with her, they thought she was more responsive at a further distance, so there could be a sight issue. The other possibilities are that she has developmental delays or autism, so hopefully a good pair of goggles will fix things. She does smile and interact with us (most frequently when we are straight on), so it isn’t severe, but it seems different. We’ve called the County, so they’ll get back to us about setting the assessment up. I may also try to see if we can somehow get the eye doctor to see Zoe too when we have Sophia’s appointment in a couple weeks, since we have to be there for 3-4 hours anyway. (I’m not exactly sure how they are going to possibly dilate Sophia’s eyes, but that is the plan).

On Saturday, my Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Manny and Cousin Kim stopped by to meet Zoe and check in on Sophia. Sophia had lots of fun seeing people she hadn’t seen since last summer, and Zoe actually let Mary Lou hold her! We also had a potential “parent’s helper” stop by to meet us, and Sophia crawled right to her and hugged her and couldn’t stop staring at her, so I think that should work out well. We’ll probably have her help John out a couple mornings a week on days when Grandma or Siobhàn can’t be there. She’s off to college in the fall, lives right down our street, and has been trained in by another neighbor, so I think she’ll be good.

We also went to a BBQ to celebrate Aisling’s birthday. Sophia loved being able to crawl across carpet (which we don’t have) to see everyone. She spent most of the time hugging Siobhàn and pulling her hair, but also had a chance to see an 8-month-old boy (who seemed to avoid getting scratched or pinched). Zoe also continued on her streak of letting other people hold her and went to Siobhàn’s aunt, mom, and Godmother; it’s a record!

On Sunday, we went to Auntie Karen’s birthday bash at the Saints baseball game, but just tailgated. Sophia was pretty tired and not so happy to be in the hot weather and not allowed to crawl around. Zoe just crashed out on my shoulder. They enjoyed wearing party hats for the first time and seeing friends.

All-in-all nights have been going better. Zoe is consistently going about 7 hours between feedings at some point (usually about 10-5). I also figured out a way to set Sophia’s pump so I don’t have to get up around 4AM to turn it off. It isn’t the best solution since the pump isn’t completely accurate, but it provides me with a little extra sleep time. Instead of it alarming when it is out of food (which I measure when it put it in), it just turns off silently when it reaches the set dose. Unfortunately, the pump is off so sometimes she doesn’t get all of the food we’ve put in and other times it alarms anyway. I think I’ve finally found just the right amount that ensures she gets enough, but not too much. So, the only other time I need to get up other than feeding Zoe is to change Sophia’s diaper at some point. You’d think I’d feel much more rested…


  1. christy says:

    I love, love, love the pic of sophia with her thumb in her mouth. “i bite my thumb at you!”
    And, OK, so perhaps I don’t have the greatest parenting skills in the world, but i thought Simon and I could somehow sneak out of the restaurant with his pants around his ankles, and I could avoid the “grab and scream.” Silly me! All the suits had to leave just then too. oh well. We played mini-golf at Como as soon as the pants dried, and guess who splashed his ball into the water hazard? This time, not only were the pants down, the shirt was pulled up and held under his chin. No one else was golfing, so i just pretended he wasn’t my kid…

  2. christy says:

    p.s. it was so nice to finally meet zoe – adorable!

  3. Christine says:

    Hello!! Your girls are getting so big!! We just paid our final check of daycare last week–since Belle will go to kindergarten, all day, every day, next year. Time flies!! I keep asking Chris if we should have another, and instead, we’re going to Disneyworld in March 🙂 Take care, hope to see you soon!!