post-op day 4

11:30AM  Sophia had a great night sleeping well until about 3:30AM and didn’t need any morphine after 8PM, or any Atavan at all. We are down to regular doses of plain Tylenol and Advil. This is probably because she hasn’t had a fever since yesterday afternoon. It seems like when she cries now, it is to be picked up. This is a wonderful thing as she was pretty uncomfortable when we held her the first couple of days with her fever and all. She’s getting all of the snuggling she could possibly want.She’s been on the 30cc/hr feeds since 6PM last night and hasn’t spit up once–even through lots of jostles. This is a great sign. She does still have diarrhea. The first test for C-Diff (an antibiotic induced diarrhea) came back negative, though, so that is good news. We are to start giving her bolus feeds this afternoon to see how she tolerates it. They don’t want us to go home on continuous feeds and want to help us get back to our home routine.During rounds they approved the removal of those pacemaker wires she had coming out through her chest (one set in her pumping chamber and one set in her collecting chamber). These were put in so they could use an external pacemaker if necessary (thankfully it hasn’t been). They want to be sure to watch her for a good 12-24 hours after these are removed, so they thought they’d take them out now since we seem to be on the homeward path.Poor Sophia also had to have another blood draw this morning. I asked them to send the best tech they had. The first woman tried once, couldn’t get it, and stopped (thankfully). She called for back up, so another one tried the same vein (the only one they could find in her whole body). Luckily, this one worked, and she was able to get blood for the two most important tests. The first was for her white blood cell count, which was elevated post-op, but is back to normal now. The second is to check her electrolytes (sodium, potassium [or “K” as they say here], and chloride, and kidney function–to see whether she is getting dehydrated from her diarrhea). Those results are not back yet. Although this was certainly painful, Sophia didn’t have nearly the same reaction as she did while she was dealing with the fever too. I think she makes the techs nervous though; she scrunches up her little eyes and just howls at them.Sophia gained close to a half a kilo yesterday (if yesterday’s weight was accurate, which seems rather doubtful), so she is actually over her admission weight now. They don’t seem concerned that she is retaining water or anything. We also found out that she won’t have to have her 6 month immunizations re-done (one Fellow had said that she might need to because she received a transfusion during surgery). They want us to wait for 2-3 weeks to get her second dose of the flu shot so there is no concern that any reaction is related to her surgery.As rounds ended, the child, family, life person brought in two Gopher football players making rounds. Luckily, Grandma was here to talk football with them and wish them well for their Homecoming game.


  1. Ann 'Recipe' says:

    YAY, SOPHIA!!! What an awesome short recovery you have had!! Hope all continues to go well—actually, she will do so much better at home (don’t we all?!)
    Love, Ann ‘Recipe’