discharge day #3

11:15 Sophia just had her last IV line taken out and we are packing up to go home!

2:11 We are home!


  1. Peggy & Jim says:

    Super. We are happy for you all. It is great that Sophia is doing so well and that you get to go home. Our prayers and love to Sophia as she continues to recover from her surgery.

  2. Cousin Stacy says:

    EXCELLENT NEWS!!!! Happy to hear that Sophia is going home !! : )

    Love to all,

  3. WONDERFUL! so happy for you!

  4. Hooray!! Calling Sophia a Champ is an understatement! She is remarkable and HOME!

  5. Sandy Danks says:

    Wow! I’m so happy to hear that Sophia is home! I’m sure Mukwa was glad to have her back! Congrats to you all!

  6. Was without the internet all weekend and I think it’s Cousin Stacy’s doing–is she trying to catch up? 😉 Very happy to hear your tootsie is home already where Mukwa can take care of her. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon and happy birthday to you, Johnny!


  7. Oh and just looked at the pics and that one with Deb in the car is *adorable.* Sophia’s color looks great and yay for the smile already! What a trooper.

  8. Amazing Sophia has done it again! So happy about the speedy recovery and escape from the hospital. Yay! (by the way, Simon is very impressed with Sophia’s straddle poses – he learned that in gymnastics. Sophia’s already got that down pat!)