Potty Talk

Well, today was Day #4 of Zoe successfully telling us when she needed to poop and her then pooping on the big girl potty!  Such excitement in not changing poopy diapers!  She signs “diaper” or “potty” and seems to give us plenty of notice; today there was actually too much notice.  After lunch Papa took her up when she asked, but then she didn’t go until a couple minutes later when she was back downstairs again.  Tonight, I thought the bathroom routine might just be a delay tactic, but on the third trip to the potty, she went again!  (and then peed on the floor while I was wiping her, so we do have a long way to go yet).  Sophia’s been squatting when she has to go (if she goes when she’s awake), so I tried putting her on the toilet, too, and she tinkled–whoo hoo!  We don’t want to push them at all, but if they are interested, I guess we’ll facilitate the potty fascination.  I hadn’t read anything about potty training, but figured I should respond to her sign, and we happened to have a little cushioned seat adapter from a friend.  Of course, as soon as I read something, it claimed that kids who start potty training before 18 months aren’t fully trained until they are 4!  Guess that is why John keeps telling me to stop reading… Maybe if Zoe is two weeks beyond 18 months, she’ll be okay?  Reports are her Grandma was trained at about 14 months…so maybe it is in her genes?  Truthfully, we aren’t getting our hopes up, but are enjoying having a few less messy diapers.

The girls took Mukwa to the dog park today and once they got over the fact that Mukwa was riding in the front seat (and Mama squished between them) loved watching all of the other dogs run, jump, and play.  I’m sure Zoe’s favorite part was ending the adventure with her first trip to Ben & Jerry’s when she could actually eat (but she also looked pretty happy at the dog park high up on her Papa’s shoulders, patting his head).  Sophia did a really good job keeping her balance in the wind that was strong enough to blow a garbage can over.

School went well again this week; their teacher reported only about 5 seconds of sadness after we left.  That is really good since they didn’t have Jennifer (their special ed teacher) this week.  He raved about Zoe’s independence in playing in the kitchen (I hope that wasn’t just a nice way of saying she’s antisocial and obsessed w/ food).  I’m glad things improved after she bit into the pasta noodles she was supposed to use to make a necklace (I guess maybe we shouldn’t have her in the 2 year old class).  Sophia had fun following other kids around and playing with the toys; she wanted me to sing the “_____ is here today” song to each of them.  The kids also got to sing the hokey pokey again…very exciting!  (Our Japanese teacher of Korean ancestry says “hockey pockey,” which makes me smile every time, now that I know what he means).

As long as I’ve digressed into Asian culture, I thought I’d tell you about John’s trip to Walgreens last week.  He took Sophia with him, and the woman behind the counter (who happened to be Asian) wanted to know if Sophia was of a “mixed race;” basically, is her momma Asian?  (The things people feel like they should ask you.)   John tried to explain that although she has eyelids similar to those who are Asian, her eyelids are a characteristic of Down syndrome, not her ethnicity.  She didn’t seem to buy it.

During OT this week, the girls had lots of practice drawing on their easel.  Zoe’s able to point out her name, Papa, and Mama when you write them for her.  Sophia also seems to periodically be able to identify her name on the sidewalk or in a book.

I think we are on the verge of switching Zoe to one nap a day.  She’s always been slow to transition to the next sleep step and 18 months is really the outer edge of what “the books” say is the need for a  morning nap.  She’s had some trouble sleeping in the afternoon, although we are not clear whether it is related to our new nanny getting her up without napping or whether she is really ready for the transition.  She’s been great when she’s had to miss her nap for school or music class or something, but she is really tired when she gets back and then it is hard for her to sleep well.  I think, though, it is time to try it to see whether it might be best for her to have a consistent pattern.  She has been able to sleep longer at night if she needs the sleep (but of course, I prefer that she sleep more during the day so I miss out on less).  We’ll see how it goes this week.

The girls are communicating more and more.  Sophia signed “apple,” and “work,” this weekend on her own; I didn’t even know she knew those signs!  She’s using “baby” and “monkey” as well, and one day signed “love” on her own when we were talking about Grandma.  She’s also been mimicking a lot of them, and I think making up some of her own that I haven’t yet figured out.  I showed Zoe the sign for “shoes” once this morning, and she used it a couple of hours later to tell me she wanted to put her shoes on to go outside.  Yikes!  I guess this is where we start being really careful about what we do and say.  She’s also repeating many of the words we say and saying them pretty clearly, which is a hoot.  We seem to hear “basketball” a lot these days.  Unfortunately, she’s also picked up “no no” as much as we tried to be careful.  She says it really matter of factly and about things we haven’t necessarily told her she shouldn’t do, but she’s figured out they might not be a good idea (climbing on something, walking around with a big stick).  Of course, she still does it, but says “no no” to herself while she’s doing it.  They are really funny, as soon as you tell one of them to stop doing something, the other one comes right over to see if it is okay for her to do it, just checking out the boundaries…

John put together their trike this afternoon, but they are both a little timid of it since their feet don’t touch the ground.  Zoe sits on the step lower than the seat, facing forward; she doesn’t mind it so much when John is sitting on the seat and helping her get around.  Sophia likes the bell the best so far.  I ran across a tandem tricycle with one of those push bars (so older parents don’t have to bend down to push them/make sure they don’t fall off)…it is adorable, but a little spendy.  We now have two sets of twins on our block, so maybe we could all share it?