Progress Report

006SOZO006.jpgSophia’s sinuses were progressively better as the week went on.  We had a few 4:45PM nights and 5:00AM mornings (and John had one 3-hour fussing spell when I was gone to a presentation), but we are back to a more respectable 5:45PM-6AM at the moment (and hoping to keep adjusting later).  We have also started to get her feedings back to normal.  We’d resorted to basically feeding her small amounts by syringe throughout the day so she wouldn’t spit up and could keep her nutrition up for healing.  Although this was all a very minor little hiccup, it was a good warning for us how tricky things could be if she did really get sick.  Not only would it be really hard to feed her, but we’d have to basically start all over building up her tolerance to larger amounts when she was well again.  It is also really hard for her to breathe when she gets stuffy and that could create all kinds of issues.  So, in summary…phew!  The upside of these days has been that she’s been very snuzzly.  She pulls up on your pant leg and looks at you so sweetly, wanting you to pick her up.  We’ve been doing a lot of things one handed lately (or no-handed, if she gets us to pick her up at her favorite time when we are also holding Zoe).

Sophia also had her mid-year progress review with her teachers.  They seem happy with where she is and where she is going.  We will get a speech eval soon and hopefully get speech services to help both with eating and speech development.

Zoe is now officially allowed to have PT services, so Jane worked with her on Tuesday, too.  Unfortunately, that was the day Zoe seemed to have developed stranger anxiety.  She was a little unsure of others she met that day, too, but really was not happy with Jane.  She hasn’t really seemed to react that way to others since, so we are thinking maybe Sophia told her how hard Jane makes them work and it was all a reaction to having to practice her sitting and quadraped!  I’m sure after time she’ll grow to love her as much as Sophia does.

Zoe is doing much better on her tummy.  She can rotate to get to toys she wants and pushes herself backwards quite a ways.  She also learned the word “ga” this week.

Sophia has been busy standing on her own.  When she has some quiet time in her ball pit, she’ll practice her “words” in the mirror.  She’s getting a lot better at putting shapes into blocks and clothespins into containers with her chubby little fingers.  She was pretty funny trying to play another game with Zoe.  She took the circle out of one of the squares of the foam floor pad in her nursery and peeked through it at Zoe like they were singing:  “Looking through my window, who do I see?”  Then she gave it to Zoe for her turn.  Although it ended up around Zoe’s neck, it started out sweet…

We have a new nanny for Fridays, and she seems great.  She just finished student teaching in first grade, has a sister with Down Syndrome, and is a cousin of a friend.  The girls really liked her; Zoe even had smiles for her.  We were really glad to find someone as our first Friday nanny got a full time job after being with us once (or so she said 🙂 ), and Grandma’s been having to fill in a lot.

That’s all we can remember to report on this week…


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    I love that picture of Zoe…She has such a cute little expression!