Rub-a-dub-dub, two girls in the tub

048SOZO048.jpgAnd who do you think they be? Sophia Cosette and Zoe Camille, cute little elves as you can see…

The girls had a blast sharing a tub the other night. They seem to be enjoying each other more and more. Sophia can still be really aggressive, so we always have to supervise them, but for the most part they are snuggly and giggly with each other. Sophia seems excited that Zoe can move more now (she pushes herself backwards on the hardwood floor). They spent the car rides this week giggling at each other and copying each other’s foot movements. We just moved Zoe from the infant seat to a big girl car seat, so they can now see each other in the car for the first time. They are both still rear facing, so they really can’t see anything but each other. And, John and I can both ride in the front again–what a deal after 20 months of one of us being the chauffeur!

We managed to enjoy celebrations 3 days in a row and maintain our sanity (and arrive on time, with clean outfits and prepared food–a season of miracles!).  We kept them limited to the window between Sophia’s nap and her bedtime, so she didn’t cry herself to sleep this year and enjoyed spending time with other people.  Zoe missed a couple of naps when we were away from home (inevitable when she naps every 1 1/2 hours), but she was a very good sport about it and hung in there for a long time.  She ended up napping for 3 hours yesterday to get all caught up!   Christmas Eve we all went to Grandma’s house and somehow ate without little-girl-elastic-arms knocking anything off the table (Sophia even tried sitting in a big girl chair).  We tried to have Zoe nap on Grandma’s bedroom floor, but she scooted around and got herself stuck, so we gave up on that pretty quickly.  They tried to open gifts, but are still learning what it is all about.  The jingle bells were the first favorite.  Christmas Day we stayed home and had Grandma and a couple of friends who are like Grandmas to the girls (Ann and OrLou).  Sophia and Zoe lasted most of the meal in their high chairs, enjoying all the extra attention.  The day after Christmas, we went to Aisling and Siobhàn’s annual party.  The girls had fun playing with the other little ones there.  Two of Siobhàn’s aunts and uncles have new baby girls (3 months and 6 months) and her other Godparents have a 15-month-old son.  Luckily, only two of us live in town, so we don’t have to fight all of those babies for her attention!  Sophia got to practice climbing carpeted stairs, which made us think about putting a rug on ours (in addition to the exercise mats we want to put all over the living room).

It’s been fun to have some extended time home with everyone; I don’t go back to work until Friday.   It’s so fun to watch them learning new things.  Zoe’s mastered her “pincer grasp” (her thumb and pointer finger)–and she is adorable picking up those little kiddy cheese puffs and taking knobbed puzzle pieces out (to chew on them, not to put them back in).  They are both working on “all fall down.”  Sophia now does “one fell off and bumped her head” and “wave to Papa, wave to Mom.”  She also rubs her hands together for “wash” (although today when I asked her if she was “watching” her sister, she rubbed her hands together as well).  This language development is tricky business.  Sophia can also get up onto the couch by stepping on her little stool (if Zoe isn’t using it to bounce up and down, which seems to be her favorite thing these days).  She loves to stand at the window and look at her snowflake window clings.  Today, she was waving to people going past and then clapping for them.  Zoe can now pull to stand at the chair or couch and stand for an extended period of time.  It’s so cute to watch her sitting back down on the little stool; she’s so cautious (unlike her sister who just plops).  Pretty soon, she’ll be mobile like her sister and then we’ll really be in trouble!

There was a lot of picture taking this past week so we thought we would include them here. Have a great New Year!


  1. Love those bath photos!!!! — Linda

  2. Bill Heslin says:

    What a twosome!!!… They are adorable. Hope you both can keep up the pace with the tiny tykes… their little naps really do serve to re-charge their batteries……Mom and Dad types need a longer plug-in………Have a wonderful year……..

  3. Otto's in the Big Woods says:

    It sounds like you two have your hands full of good times! It is always great to get an update.

  4. Auntie Erin says:

    Love those pics—-how fun for them to have a playmate all the time, but exhausting for youses! Wonder how many creepy people will find this site based on this post’s title though. :-/

    • I’m not so much disturbed by that prospect than by the number of search hits we have gotten for the “Pantless boys” entry.

  5. Wonderful pictures! Your girls are so sweet and cute. You are lucky to have girls who will wear pretty clothes. Christmas at our house included Simon saying “oh, man, not clothes! yuck” followed by flinging said clothes across the room.

    John – i’ve been sharing your jib-jab wonderful life with everyone – so funny! My godson was supposed to watch the real movie over christmas break, and i said “wait! i have the short version!”

    nice hunter s depp photo john.

  6. I always love your blogs and the pictures of your precious girls. Wishing you all a very happy new year. God Bless!

  7. Michelle Cummins says:

    I think I got to see your first website a while back via my niece Denay!
    Things have changed! What amazing little girls, and really fantastic parents….thanks for letting us be a part of it all! xoxo Michelle from Texas!