“Rubber ducky, you’re the one…”

062sozo062.jpgThursday night after her bath, when she only had a diaper on, I watched Sophia use her toes to push herself forward on her elbows to reach her pink rubber ducky. For some unknown reason, this toy became the motivator she needed (despite her Papa’s opposition to toys portraying animals in the wrong color). On Friday, she had to show Grandma how she was starting to crawl, again trying to get her duck and this time alternating legs and using her knee to kind of push off. The next day, I left her pants off after a diaper change since it was soon bath time (and it is quite a challenge to get her pants on these days; the first leg comes out before you can get the second one in, right Siobhan?). She did it again! This time she wasn’t trying to get to anything in particular, just trying to move forward (and using some of the rocking she’s been doing). Even though Bill Gates reportedly does it too, I hope she grows out of that rocking; I’ve read that abused and neglected kids do that to soothe themselves. Looks like she’ll just be wearing a onesie for awhile; I think it helps her to feel the floor directly on her skin.

I was really happy to see her making this progress; I’d been feeling really bad that she has seemed to regress since I’ve been home: eating, babbling, quadraped (hands and knees), all seem to be happening less. Her teacher did say that sometimes it is uncomfortable to make certain sounds when kids are teething. I’m not sure if it is good or bad that she can still yell “ma-ma-ma-ma”! Although I thought we were making progress in one area (naps), they are hit or miss again too. I thought she might be ready to give up her morning nap after refusing to sleep a couple of days in a row, but she took one again the last couple of days. I imagine the transition will be like that.

Zoe’s bath time success was taking her first bath without a tear! The trick seems to be to do it quickly and keep her as warm as possible.

Zoe is also still making this high pitched screech from time to time. At first it scared me, but now it’s pretty funny when it just comes out of nowhere.

In OT this week, Sophia put different pieces of ribbons and other items on a piece of contact paper to make a Mothers Day collage. It was funny to watch her with the sticky paper. It is now hanging proudly from the special “Sophia’s Art” board our friends Chris and Christine brought her.

Sophia still loves to bounce up and down in our arms, on our laps, or on our feet. When she’s bouncing on my stomach, my first reaction is still that she shouldn’t bounce on the baby. I also still think I’m pregnant when it comes to heavy lifting and climbing. Guess that’s what happens when you’re pregnant two years straight.

We had our closest diaper call ever. We were down to two diapers for Sophia (after raiding the diaper bag and the stroller) when we put her to bed (we also had about 3 wipes left). I didn’t think there was any way Zoe’s diapers would work, so Zoe and I made a trip to the store for some mega-shopping. She was fabulous, just stayed in the Bjorn content the whole time.

We had our traditional Mothers Day brunch with Grandma, Todd, Aisling, and Siobhan. It was a beautiful day, and the girls had fun dressing up in pretty dresses, and playing with their guests.

Zoe had her 2 month check up already on Monday. I knew she was clearly growing as she’s moving into 3 month sized clothes and size 2 diapers! I’m already sadly packing up cute little outfits that don’t fit her any more! She weighed in at 12 pounds, 9 ounces (5 pounds since birth) (90%ile). She’s now 23 inches long (76%ile). The doc said she looked great. Poor thing had to get 3 shots and an oral live virus (rotavirus–bad diarrhea). Even though I mentioned to the nurse’s aid that anything other than milk (Nystatin, vitamins) make her spit up out her nose, she squirted it right in and wouldn’t you know, Mom got spit up on again in the doctor’s office! Luckily, we hadn’t dressed Zoe again after her exam, so her clean up was easy. Although the doctor warned us that she might be in pain during the night and need Tylenol, she slept great (probably making up for the cat napping the previous 2 days).

Sophia, on the other hand, made it through the whole visit without any spitting up. She typically does better in the afternoons. I told the doctor that I may as well not even feed her in the morning since it seems she spits the whole feeding up. She suggested we try giving her juice right away in the morning to give her stomach something to help her digest the phlegm that is sitting in there. I guess when the milk gets added in, the fat also sits, so it doesn’t get things moving as well. We tried it this morning, and it went better. It could also have been that I switched back to the Pediasure with fiber (although that shouldn’t matter, maybe it digests a little more quickly?). Sophia also got her granulation tissue treated with silver nitrate. We decided to go ahead and do it since some nights it bleeds from her squirming. It is also making her MIC-KEY button stick out more. It looks rough right now, but hopefully it will heal up soon. We also got a referral to an eye doctor–one more specialist we are to see annually. Kids with Down Syndrome are more at risk for eye problems, too, so we need to keep tabs on her eyes. Our doctor also reminded us that she would love to be able to order that we not send Sophia to daycare for the next 2 years. With her smaller head and smaller sinuses, colds would really make her miserable (and the doctor claims kids in daycare get one or two colds a month). Luckily, she’s been able to stay with Papa so far. Sophia only gained 10 ounces since we were there 5 weeks earlier, so the doctor said we could increase her food up to an ounce. It is really hard because she can’t really tell us she is hungry and can’t just eat more one day when she needs more. She still spits up so much that we’ll have to give her extra overnight. We’ll see how her weight is next week at her cardiology appointment.

Sophia ate her first piece of paper this week. I didn’t realize she’d be biting it off, but when I saw it on her tongue, I sat down with her right away to get it out. Unfortunately, she started gagging and ended up swallowing it. Now whenever she gets near paper, she grabs for it and it goes straight in her mouth.