Setain Chops and Applesauce…

005SOZO005.jpgSophia had her speech appointment this week to consult on her feeding.  It was our first appointment (of hundreds, it seems) that I took her solo.  Zoe was napping and had a runny nose, so we thought it was best she stay home.  She got to have Margie (OT) all to herself, which was great.  She showed off her backward scootching and pivoting and figured out where to put the pom poms in the container.

Our speech therapist was really helpful and reinforced what we’ve been doing.  Now that she seems to be feeling better, he really wants us to focus on condensing her feedings again so we can try to create some hunger.  In order to do that for her morning feeding without making her sit still for an hour, we’ve started feeding her on the pump, which she carries around in a little backpack.  If we dress her in bodysuits, we can keep the tubing far enough away from her that she doesn’t pull on it.  She’s been really great about tolerating the backpack (which can get pretty heavy between the pump and the milk).  She’s spit up right at the end of both feedings, so we have to keep working on the rate and volume (and then try to increase from there).  He wants her to continue to have experiences with food, even if she’s not expected to eat.  So, our pre-bath time is our new “food exploration” time.  She can get all the bananas and applesauce in her hair that she wants to.  She’s been really funny about squishing foods in her hand and comparing it to the hand that doesn’t have any food in it.  I even let her feed me the applesauce she had in her hand today (the crazy things we do for our kids).  It would be great if she’d start feeding herself even with her hands.  I think she’d be much more open to it if she was in control.  (Jane (PT) suggested red licorice, so we tried that right away, but she just thinks it is a game to throw it.  We’re on to Laffy Taffy now).  He didn’t think there was much point in therapy until she had a reason to eat (hunger) and didn’t think it was really her skills that were holding her back.  I think she does have some learning to do and some endurance to build, but we’ll see.   He did have a good explanation for why she was suddenly more urpy in the afternoon.  He thinks that now that she is upright so much more, her trunk gets tired by the end of the day and starts folding in on her stomach, making her spit up.  Much of this will continue to get better as she grows and gets stronger.  He was also very pleased that she was growing and learning so much, and said that if she had any nutritional deficiencies, that wouldn’t be possible.  It is good for us to remember that all of those other things are so much more important, and the oral eating will come.

Speaking of applesauce, Sophia can now sit “criss cross applesauce,” and she looks like such a big girl!  She has also started cruising along the wall and seems much more interested in moving around different pieces of furniture.  Zoe stood up from her little bench without pulling up and has started to make the funniest little pucker noise.  Sophia taught her how to stick out her tongue on the tongue page of one of her favorite books (that she refers to as “ala ala ala ala.”)  One day I thought it would be a good idea to switch up the books that were upstairs for bed time and the books they have downstairs.  Sophia was not happy at all when story time ended and there was no “ala ala ala ala.”  We went and got it and all was well.  She has a new favorite at bedtime, though.  She pats her head with gusto for the “I love your top side” line in “I Love You Through and Through.”  She has a similar gesture for “she fell off and bumped her head” in the “10 Little Monkeys” song.  I thought it was pretty good transfering today when I asked if she got a “bumpy bump” with no song or anything, and she patted her head. The most exciting thing she seems to be doing is referring to her sister as “Ba Ba Ba.”  It’s hard to say for sure; it could just be her excited babble, but it seems specific to “Baby Zoe.”

The girls both continue to be fascinated with Mukwa; Sophia has started throwing balls to her, and Zoe just tastes them for her.  The other day, Sophia tried to bring her a little stuffed duck that squeaked like her squeaky ball; cute, but… luckily Mukwa knows which toys are hers.

My favorite thing this week was watching the two of them standing on different sides of their push cart, checking out all of the little toys that are in it.  They looked just like two little old ladies at the bargain bin during Crazy Days.  They’d pick one up, taste it, either throw it over the side or hand it to their sister and go back for another.  That’s my girls, looking for the best bargain!

The week went well with therapies and everything.  Our Tuesday/Wednesday nanny stopped showing up (we know she is okay since she continues to work for the other family), so we had some quick adjustments to make.  Thankfully, our Friday nanny will help us out for the next month or so, and then we hope to figure something else out.  It’s such a shame because she was great with the girls.  Hopefully, we’ll find someone fabulous that also values reliability!


  1. Very exciting things are happening with the girls! I love reading your descriptions, Deb. So funny. You’re lucky Mukwa is so good with the girls. Gromit knows which toys are simon’s too, and likes to steal them and hide them under the piano. We regularly find an assortment of socks, legos and stuffed animals under there.

  2. Christina says:

    With such high unemployment, your difficulties finding “good help” must be even more frustrating than they might be anyway. I’m counting on and hoping that you find the right person(s) for you and the kids. It’s so important and once you find them, life will be much much easier! Take good care. Christina