she’s got plumbing!

We spent most of Friday getting ready to go home–checking in with surgery, completing discharge paperwork, etc.  Sophia got up to the target speed on her pump feeds and was allowed to take as much of her allotment as she could by bottle.  She also had visits from PT, OT, and speech–and with all of them, seemed to go to sleep when they started working and get bright eyed when they left the room.  Seems like she likes to exercise as much as her mommy.  She got a new support for her G-tube, so her third nipple is gone.  I think the change and the roto virus vaccine she received was painful, she needed a little Tylenol throughout the day.  


We thought with all of this taken care of that we’d be discharged early Saturday.  Well, we didn’t actually get out of the hospital until after 4:00–what a long wait!  Home care came to do our feeding pump training first thing in the morning, so rounds got delayed and that delayed leaving.  They gave us a little orange pump that goes in a cute little backpack, so that we can feed Sophia anywhere.  We actually won’t likely use the pump much as we can put the amount she doesn’t take by bottle into a syringe and feed her by gravity.  They say this is better because it fills the stomach more like it would if she was swallowing it.  Although, we can also put the pump on continuous feed overnight so we don’t have to get up to feed her.  Since I’ll be getting up to pump anyway, I don’t think we’ll use that option, but it’s nice to know that it is always an option.  


It’s been really nice to be able to put her meds in her tube.  We have 8 different meds twice a day, so it would be a lot for her to take by mouth.  We were really resistant to the tube idea at first, but now we think it will be really good for her.  She can get her nutrition without burning so many calories, and we have a lot more time to interact with her–since she is awake at times other than when she is eating.  We aren’t under so much pressure to get her to eat so the whole process has become much more enjoyable for all of us.    


We brought her home in the stroller this time (we figured that since it had been a month since she’d been in the car seat, we wouldn’t torment her).  It was a beautiful day, and she seemed to really like her new stroller (thanks again Christy!).  On our walk we ran into one of our neighbors, and when we introduced him to Sophia, the first thing he said was “Oh, she’s got plumbing.”  I guess he was the first person we know other than Grandma to see her tube–it will be interesting to see people’s reactions.  Aisling and Siobhan were here for the whole feeding process tonight, so Siobhan got to hold the syringe and watch the milk and meds go in and out, and watch Sophia burp through the tube.  


We are still trying to get organized and it will be stressful until we establish a routine, but it’s so wonderful to finally be in the comfort of our own home. Home health stopped by today, and will be stopping by once a week to check on her.  Sophia weighed 8 pounds, 8 1/2 ounces today (my birth weight, exactly) and she’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow…