Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters

_dsc7991The girls are so into each other these days.  Sophia signs that she wants to write Zoe’s name over and over again when she’s drawing and when she’s telling us to write.  When she hears Zoe waking up from a nap, she squeals.  When we go to get Zoe, she is always most interested in seeing “Sah wee wee.”  The other day when I got home from work, I thought Zoe was coming over to see me like she usually does, but as it turns out, she just came over to hug Sophia (who had actually come over to greet me).

We’ve tried out their snow pants (thanks to Grandma for her thrift shopping) a couple times.  Sophia had so much fun trying them on; it was almost like she had a princess dress on again.  Zoe agreed to wear them only after seeing how willingly her sister wore them.  Our first adventure was pretty comical.  I realized after all the chaos in dressing them and trying to stagger them so neither one got too hot, that they really were overdressed, but they waddled down our mall just fine.  They were also pretty mismatched in the end; I tried a little jacket with attached mittens for Sophia, so she had bright maroon hands with her little blue jacket, and Zoe had a yellow windbreaker hood (because we can’t seem to keep her hats on) with her pink corduroy jacket and bright blue snow pants and brown tennis shoes.  Thankfully, it was dark during the next outing, so all was well.  We went to a little neighborhood event with live music and fire dancers, and the girls were thrilled to have a chance to get “side.” (Sophia signs “shoes,” “car,” and “out” throughout the day).

Zoe is learning about the idea of “buying.”  She picked up the plastic melon slice the other day and told me to “buy,” and when she asked John for juice after I’d told her the night before that I didn’t think we had any, she also told him to “buy.”   When we were at an educational supply store the other day, she picked out a little basketball that she wanted, and since it seemed like a good idea, we bought it.  I told John later that we’d have to be careful about teaching her that she gets something whenever we take her shopping; he said:  “Well, she will!” Looks like they already have Poppy wrapped around their little fingers.

In addition to the basketball, we got some things to help Sophia with her speech.  Turns out they are both very good at the kazoo; I thought it would take forever to teach them (and John thought it was broken at first), but they were naturals.

Sophia went “poopy on the potty” for the first time…yeah!  She can sign “potty” and squats (usually secretly) when she needs to go.  Zoe will still often tell us when she needs to go and is obsessed with all things potty.

Zoe seems to learn to say multiple words a day, some more clear than others.  She doesn’t quite pronounce the “r” in “shirt,” so it was pretty funny when she was pointing at John, telling him he needed a “shi(r)t.”  She gets quite focused on things as well, so all weekend we’ve been hearing about the “shot” she got on Wednesday for H1N1, the fact that John “cut” his hair, that she went to “s(ch)wim” at her nanny’s pool, and that she got a new “coat” and “boots.”  She is identifying the letter “B” with baby and “P” with Poppy and sometimes M (Mama) and Z (Zoe).

Sophia is really working on her “b” words and when prompted can say “bear” and “bird” (for Big Bird; Poppy has introduced her to Sesame Street clips online) and “ball.”  She claps for “pop” and we are working on “bounce.”  She has been enjoying tasting lemon juice and sour cream, so we keep giving her chances to eat.  Zoe seems very concerned that we don’t offer Sophia the same foods we offer her.  It’s hard to explain that she doesn’t want it right now, but someday she will.

On the health front, we found out early last week that Medica approved us going to Mayo for a consult on Sophia’s heart.  We have an appointment on December 28th with the doctor that wrote the article about waiting being a good option.  So, I guess we won’t be in the hospital over the holidays.  He should have all of her records by now, including our doctors reference to Sophia as “charming” and a fancy medical term for “pink.”  We also visited Sophia’s pulmonologist, who basically said Sophia was doing just fine and we did not need to see him regularly any more.  He did explain that the reason her cough always sounds like a whooping cough is because of her enlarged adenoids.

We went to Cousin Sandy’s newly remodeled home for Thanksgiving, and they were kind enough to work around our nap schedule, but the girls didn’t nap as planned, so we ended up heading home right after dinner to start bedtime, and they were both asleep by 5:45!  We took the girls to a new park on Black Friday, and they went down the biggest slide they’d ever been on.  Zoe looked terrified, but couldn’t stop talking about the slide all day long, and still keeps wanting her dolls to slide down things.  She is very attached to several of her dolls and animals.  She has just started taking a few at a time to bed with her (or to music class, or shopping).  Her first night-night toy was a little beanie baby bunny with a ball, and she happens to have two of them.  So, she’d leave “the bunny” downstairs, but yet it would be up in her crib waiting for her…creepy!

We also visited the U of M lab school as part of our pre-school review.  We loved it!  One of the best parts is that there is an observation deck where parents are welcome to observe; John wouldn’t have to hide in the trees after all!  The space was really nice and open, and their philosophy is very individually based.  We think we’d probably want to enroll Sophia in the younger class (the kids would be 2.5 to 3 and she would be 3.5).  The hard part is that Minneapolis only has one slot in this class, so we may very well not be able to send her there even if this is still the place we love best after the rest of our visits.  If we did this, we might send Zoe as well, since it would be really good for them to have each other.  It is only 3 days a week, from 8:30-11:30, so pretty manageable, and just across the river on campus.  We found out that we don’t have to send her until the fall, but we hope to have our plan worked out in the next month or two.