Sooo Big!

022SOZO022.jpgZoe has learned the traditional children’s game of “soooo big!”  It is so funny with her little arms that barely go over her head.  She initiates it herself a lot and then she gives us the little fake laugh she’s developed.  She’s also started covering both of her ears with her hands and shouting.  Her favorite time to do these new tricks is when she’s in her high chair with food all over her hands.  Needless to say her hair has been extremely crusty this week.  Her hair is actually starting to grow, which means it is harder to get the food out (and much easier to get bed head).  Her bald spot is also nearly gone (which is probably related to her sleeping on her tummy more, too).

Zoe is also turning pages in books and trying to “sit up” when you ask her to.  She continues to either tense up in anticipation when her sister starts coming toward her or giggle at her.

We made a photo book with some beginning words for the girls and they both love looking at their pictures.  Zoe is obsessed with a picture of her and her Papa; she touches it over and over again.  She also loves to look at pictures of herself on the big computer screen and Papa’s new iPod (he’s trying to teach her that it shouldn’t go in her mouth, but she hasn’t learned that yet).

Sophia had another fun week at school.  Her little friend was trying to get past her and said:  “Up!” and Sophia pulled up on the little railing to stand.  It was really sweet to see their interactions.  Her teacher, Jennifer, stayed with her again during separation time and said she did really well with the separation.  She got a little quiet when she sort of realized I was gone, but then was fine for the rest of the time.  When the kids’ teacher came in to say that judging by the din in the room, they were ready for their parents, I went rushing in and Sophia was perfectly content, unlike several of the other little ones who were not happy at all.  She played with other kids and on her own and sought out adult attention when she wanted something.  I’m so glad she’s able to go, as I think it is really good for her.

Tuesday was PT day and little Zoe decided that instead of her typical 1/2 hour nap, she’d sleep for 2 hours and miss it entirely!  Pretty slick tactic…(reminds me of when Sophia would be so sleepy for therapy in the hospital and right after the therapist left, be all alert).  I was also just reading that for some reason kids with Down Syndrome have a tendency to rely on their social skills when other things get too hard.  I can already see Sophia trying this with her teachers, stopping to give them hugs, giving them the “love” sign:  “Aren’t I too cute to have to do all this work?”

Wednesday was OT, and our last therapy until after the holidays.  I guess Sophia did really well with “in.”  Her favorite is still “out,” but she’s learning.

Their noses seem to be running less, and they are sleeping better (although still going to bed early).  We took them out in the snowstorm this weekend for a little walk.  It was warmer than it’s been, and they had a chance to feel some fresh snow on their faces.  Somehow we each got one of them into a Bjorn with their snowsuit on and over our big coats.

We also spent some time dancing in the kitchen.  Turns out Sophia loves to “dance” (i.e., bounce on her bottom and shake her head, with an occasional break dancing move, an outstretched leg or spin (or even a “stand up and open the cupboard” move) to rock music.  Zoe had fun shaking her arms until she shook them so hard she lost her balance and tipped backwards in a split second onto the hard kitchen tile (all on video).  Adding that to the one where Sophia pushes her over, I think she’s going to be a little unhappy with us when she gets bigger.

Sophia had a couple of accidents this week, too.  For some reason she isn’t going backwards off the couch as reliably as she was, and has landed on her head a couple of times going head first.  This is all so frightening; it is so easy for them to get hurt, but we need to let them try things.

Even though she’s having some problems with her climbing, Sophia did take her first step today.  She stood up on her own and moved her left foot a tiny bit forward!  She has also learned to combine more than one action in a song.  She can now do “stomp your feet” and “clap your hands” and “twirl with the pig.”  Once in a while she can get “bow to the horse and bow to the cow” in there, too.  (She loves the Boynton book, Barnyard Dance).

Well, we are glad that we’ve made it to the shortest day of the year and we’ll have more light starting tomorrow.  It doesn’t seem quite right that it seems that Zoe goes down for her first nap when it is still dark!  We are hoping for a calm holiday without teething pain or runny noses…Happy Holidays to you all!


  1. Hello!! I always look forward to reading your blog. Your girls are getting so big! They are so precious! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!

  2. Hi cute family!!!!
    just thought I’d check in and see some adorable pictures and read some rather thought-provoking blogs. Always love to see what’s happening in the busy lives of the Wright-Corhouse family!
    Love and kisses to you all!!!!!!!

  3. Lory Delgehausen says:

    Hi Deb and Family, It was so much fun to get your card and see the pictures on the website! Your girls are adorable and it looks like you are having a great time with them. They have such fun smiles.
    As you can imagine we are having a ton of fun with our grandchildren. There are 4 now … 2 girls and 2 boys. It’s a hoot being grandparents. Those little kids love us no matter what .. making silly faces and sounds, reading a book 40,000 times, holding and hugging … it’s a piece of cake!
    Good to see your mom in the photos too. Greet her for us. Every year I remember the warm welcome I had at your family dinner when Dave was working all those crazy hours.
    It will be fun to keep up with all of you on your web site. Love, Lory