Sophia gives us raspberries!

One of the developmental books we have said that Sophia should be making raspberry noises: who knew this was something you were supposed to teach your baby? Crawling and eating I get, but raspberries? I have a hard time doing it. In any case, we’ve been practicing and now she loves it (both when we do it and when she does it)!

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On Tuesday, the speech therapist from the school district came to practice eating again. We did oral motor exercises and gave Sophia “tethered tastes” of carrots (pureed, of course). We have a lot of work to do, but she did really well for having a temp in the 100’s and being a little sleepy. The OT that came to watch suggested that if she develops an aversion to certain textures in her mouth, we can still help her adjust to them by putting them on her skin–like taking an applesauce bath! So far she seems to be okay with textures, so hopefully we can avoid bathing her in food. Her hair is snarly enough without having to try to clean oatmeal out of it.

Sophia’s temp continued to run from 100.1 to 100.5 all week (and high 99’s this weekend), so we decided not to get her second flu shot dose. We’ve backed off of her food a little after she gained too quickly last weekend. She was on track on Wednesday when we went to GI (only two days after the change), but we’ll have to continue to get weight checks. If this amount goes well, we’ll switch to giving her the same amount of calories, but fortifying her milk less and giving her more volume (24 calories instead of 26 since the water is good for her). GI also prescribed an antibiotic to try to replicate the good place Sophia was in with her GI issues for the two weeks post-op. It hasn’t had any dramatic effects yet, but he said to give it at least two weeks.

Thanksgiving Day we spent at Grandma’s house, and Sophia played quietly while we ate (and ate). She didn’t really nap, so eventually got overtired and didn’t want her carrots. Next Thanksgiving, hopefully, she’ll be able to eat some of the yummy food. (There are a few pictures in the photo section).