Sophia sits up!

We were very excited this weekend to suddenly find Sophia sitting up on her own! I had left her lying inclined on a pillow and her Boppy so she was less likely to spit up. I’d been getting her dressed to go sliding at Grandma’s house and stepped away to the table to get something. I looked over to find her sitting up on her own! Luckily, I got there before she tumbled face first into her blanket. It was pretty amazing to see this sudden burst of independence. Now, we really can’t let her sleep in her inclined bed without her Danny sling, or she’ll end up face first in the rails. John had been practicing sitting with her that morning, and she’d been getting better at keeping herself up after she had help getting there, but we never expected her to get there on her own (I think she really wanted to get a better look at her cute pink snow boots). Now, when we change her diaper, she not only squirms to roll over, but also tries to sit up (leaving her wearing some pretty cock-eyed diapers).

Speaking of diapers, we moved to size 3 this week; she weighs over 17 pounds! She’s gone from 50 percentile for weight on the Down Syndrome growth chart, to 90% (wow!). Her height has stayed steady at 75%. I was a little worried about this, but then realized she’s 20% for weight on the standard chart, and 23% for height, so she should be okay. Her head size is officially on the chart now at .05%. We are going to start reducing the fortification in her food, but will try to give her the same amount of calories, if she can keep them in.

The rest of her 9-month check up went well, too (no shots!), but her doc does want her to have some blood work done to see if he can figure anything out about her daily fevers. The tech that has been able to draw Sophia’s blood on the first try had already left for evening, and two others couldn’t find a vein, so we have an appointment tomorrow.

Sophia had lots of fun sliding for the first time. She got to go down the hill lots of times, riding with Papa, Grandma, and Mama. Mukwa and Molly (Grandma’s dog) did their best to try to catch her. It was a really nice day to spend some time outdoors, much better than New Years Eve (when we couldn’t go hiking, because it was too cold to take her out).

We also bought Sophia’s crib this week. We’d researched and figured out which brand we wanted, but had a really hard time finding any stores that carried it. We finally found one in Apple Valley, and it happened to be on clearance- yeah!. There were a couple of damaged pieces, so as soon as the replacements arrive, Papa can finish building it, and we can see what Sophia thinks of sleeping in her Chicka Chicka Boom Boom nursery all by herself.

There’s already a little sibling rivalry going on at our house. When I rest Sophia on my baby bump, Baby ____ starts kicking back at her. Hopefully, she’ll get that out of her system before they actually meet.


  1. Lemme know if Papa needs his 18v reciprocating saw for crib-building!

  2. Siobhàn woke up this morning and said hello to her right hand. I think she is picking up some habits from your little one. 🙂 See y’all on Saturday.