Standing tall and smiling big

028sozo028.jpg025sozo025.jpgSophia celebrated the 4th of July by wading in her little blow up pool in our backyard (to see more pictures make sure you visit the new gallery). The surface was more uneven and slipperier than she’s used to, so she had to catch herself a few times. She liked dumping her cup out and playing with her boat. Zoe napped and missed all the fun. She did get to come along to the ice cream sundae party at Dan, Angie & Laura’s. It was a very kid-focused crowd; they all seemed to get the girls’ “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” onesies. We realized when we were walking over that John had a Dr. Seuss T-shirt on too, so they were all dressed in a theme.

Saturday we made the road trip to Pelican (3-hours one way) to see 100-year old Great Great Aunt Hazele, Great Uncle Jim, Great Aunt Peggy, and friends Harold and Melinda. Great Uncle Manny and Great Aunt Mary Lou were visiting Hazele too, so we got to see them as well. Grandma drove to our house so I wouldn’t have to drive to meet her with no one to watch the girls in the back. I think she had a pretty exhausting day trying to entertain, soothe, change, coordinate, etc. The girls were really good, considering we completely messed with their normal routines. Sophia started out really sleepy for some reason, even though she’d slept really well at night. She finally napped for about 40 minutes on the way home, but didn’t sleep again until we got home 3 1/2 hours after her bed time–oops! Zoe slept on and off for little cat naps, but had a little melt down when it was time for her to go to bed for the night and all she had to sleep in was that dreadful car seat and no one to snuzzle her. We stopped periodically to try to soothe her and feed her, but it didn’t last long. The last 1 1/2 hours of the trip took 3! Had I known this would happen, I would have taken our friend Greta up on her offer to stop by in Avon, and got Zoe to sleep in a home instead of trying in a bright sunny parking lot! Guess you live and learn. Luckily, Sophia was a good sport about it and didn’t start chiming in (until Zoe fell asleep). Trying to concentrate on driving instead of the wailing, I started noticing things like that I was stuck between vanity plates “FMR 007” and “2 B NVD” ugh!

Anyway, our visits were much too short, but fun. Unfortunately, Zoe cried when Hazele held her, most likely because she was sitting down in her wheelchair (when Zoe likes to walk around and be up) and cradling her (which Zoe really doesn’t like). Mary Lou had the touch as usual and got her calmed down. She also liked Jim & Peggy and let Jim walk around with her most of our visit. Hazele thought maybe it was her glasses, so she tried taking them off, but that didn’t work either. I think she was disappointed, because she started out saying that Zoe wouldn’t know the difference if someone else held her (but, yes, she does). She then started saying the girls were spoiled! I suppose they might be, but they are pretty little yet. Sophia was really too squirrelly to be held, especially after being in a car seat for 3+ hours. She had fun exploring at the nursing home and showing off her standing for Harold, Melinda & Hazele. She got to crawl a lot at Jim & Peggy’s. Peggy also made her a little baking powder paste for the two bug bites she must have gotten from being out in the pool. It worked fabulously as you can hardly tell there were even bites there today.

Sophia just loves to stand whenever she can get someone to help her up. She even pulled herself up briefly in the pack ‘n play today. Her newest little game is to put her head down on the floor like she’s sleeping, and when we say “Where’s Sophia?” pop her head up with a big smile. She also loves to lay her head down on or near Zoe. When we say “aaah,” she smiles so proudly. She’ll often do this a few times and then go for the scratch, squeeze, or bite, when she thinks our guard is down. Zoe seems to like watching Sophia more, too, so we try to give them supervised play time together, but it is hard work to keep Zoe safe. Sophia also seems to understand when we say “Do you want to stand up?” and “Let’s sit up”. She also seems to be understanding who people are when we sing: “_____ is here today.” She looked right at Aunt Peggy when we sang to her and also looked right at her summer OT Deb the day she met her (of course she looked at Papa when we sang “Mama” and looked at me when we sang “Papa,” but that’s okay).

Zoe’s started to hold onto her bottle with both hands, has transferred a toy while on her side, and loves to stand up (with assistance, of course). We were cheering for her today when Aisling and Siobhàn were over, and it made Sophia cry. Of course, she was over-tired from our trip on Saturday, but she is also very sensitive. She’s also been crying when we are surprised by something (like water spilling, getting bit, or something falling) or when John uses a funny voice. She especially dislikes it when he says: “Fiona, it’s me, Jimmy” with an Irish accent and starts pouting and crying right away.

Sophia also stopped taking her ulcer med this week, so we are really down to very few meds. She still takes Prilosec twice a day (“BID” as they say) for her reflux, Synthroid in the morning for her hypo-thyroidism, and Flo-vent in the inhaler at night for her breathing, but that’s it! I still remember waking her a 6AM to eat and spending the first 20 minutes getting all her meds ready for the day in all of our little labeled syringes and time-stamped cups. Boy, how things have changed.

Sophia’s last good news is that her second top front tooth came in this week. Soon you’ll be able to see all 4 teeth in pictures, but right now we only see them when she is upside down, and that is a pretty hard picture to get!


  1. Aisling says:

    What wonderful photos of the girls smiling. You may have to set up a web cam so we can keep watch over of their daily changes.