Surgery Day

8:15 After a long and sleepless night, the day started off with us getting up at 4 and rushing to get everything ready and get a bite to eat before arriving at the hospital by 5:30. Intake was kind of stressful due to a crabby nurse (who had to ask Deb which line on the measuring tape was the 1/16th), but the anaesthesiologist came in and put us at ease and said one of us could go in with them when they put her under. The surgical team came in next, and we met Dr. Herrington who explained everything they were going to do and answered all our questions. She said it should be a relatively short procedure and that the major risks arise from infection and bleeding and that she expected to be done by around 1pm. Deb was afraid that she might faint, so I had to put on what the nurses referred to as the “bunny suit” and followed the team into the surgery room at 7:43. I laid Sophia down on the table and held her hand as they put a warm blanket on her followed by the gas mask. It was hard to keep from falling apart and crying as her little eyes looked up at me from beneath the mask but I was comforted by the fact that she didn’t cry at all and quickly fell asleep.

11:30 We just received word that the surgery went well and that they are beginning to close Sophia up.

1:30 Sophia is officially out of surgery. We saw her briefly as they wheeled her into her room and are just waiting for the hand off from the surgery team to the PICU team before we can go in to her room and be with her.

2:30 We are now in with Sophia in her room in the PICU. She is waking up slowly, opening her eyes intermittently. Since she is waking so soon they are talking about extubating her sooner rather than waiting until tonight like they had originally planned (which is a really good sign!). The nurses say she is really squirmy and quite the fighter so they may have to sedate her a little longer so she doesn’t pull out any of the many tubes attached to her. I have posted a few pics but be warned that like the previous post-op pics they aren’t for the squeamish.

3:45 This is Deb at the computer since I was feeling a little light headed and needed to sit down for a minute. Sophia just gave Papa a little smile when he made her favorite noise and now she is trying to look at her favorite hand while turning to her side. She can’t cry since she still has the tube down her throat, but she is trying to. The pain medicine should kick in soon.

4:43 They just extubated Sophia and she is able to scream again. I never thought I would be so happy to hear that sound but they tell me it is a good sign. She has been writhing around in the bed so they have given her another dose of pain medication and a mild sedative to let her rest.

9:30 Sophia finally went to sleep after a second dose of Verset around 8:30. After tearing ourselves away from Sophia’s bedside, we too are hoping to get some sleep so we can be back at the hospital in time for morning rounds and before Sophia wakes up. Sophia’s nurse just called to tell us that they are going to start feeds, which is really surprising since we were originally told she would most likely be on an IV for a few days. So she must be doing really well. Everyone was calling Sophia a superstar all evening because she was rebounding so quickly (yeah!).

Thank you all for the sincere vibes of love we have been feeling all day – a big cosmic hug to you all. Although we may not always acknowledge your comments and emails we do enjoy them and its always good to know people are actually reading what we write. It makes this whole endeavor worthwhile. And you may have noticed that I added a new element to the sidebar -now I’m not trying to bribe anyone here but there just might be something special come winter solstice in the stocking of Sophia’s most active fan ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Cousin Stacy says:

    I’m thinking of you guys and of little Sophia.

    Sorry, to hear about the crabby nurse who made things stressful this morning……..sounds like she needs to find a new profession!!!! Anyway, glad to hear Sophia fell asleep quickly and didn’t cry….what a strong little girl.

    You stay strong and take care of each other.
    Love and comfort to you and to the Grandmas. : )

    Staying glued to my computer throughout the day.

  2. You are all in my thoughts and prayers today and always. My best wishes to the three of you today.

  3. Thanks sooo much for thinking of Sophia’s blog friends and updating. Will keep checking the site. More kisses and prayers. Love you guys!

  4. Yay! Go baby, go baby!!

  5. Peggy & Jim says:

    Thank you so much for the prompt updates. Our prayers are with Sophia and you. She has such good parents.

  6. Christina says:

    All of us here really appreciate the instant updates! Amazing and powerful. We are cheering for all of you on! Go team!

  7. Hey you three (and Grandma and Muckwa(?) and anyone else I’ve missed!–) So very glad to hear the surgery is all done and Sophia is being feisty and squirmy. Keep up the good work, Sophia! Hope you can all get some sleep tonight. Lots of people are thinking of you and sending loving and healing thoughts your way, including me! Love, Rebecca

  8. Christine Tangen says:

    HELLO Wright family,
    Sophia was in my thoughts and prayers all day (her mom and dad were too). I am so thankful that she is doing ok, and I hope for a healthy, and quick recovery. Thank you for the updates–you guys are too good!!
    Take care of yourselves,

  9. Cousin Stacy says:

    Hey guys. So thankful the surgery went well. Sophia is such a little fighter! Her post-op pics brought tears to my eyes. I hope Sophia has a quick and smooth recovery……knowing her…she will : )
    Thanks, soooooo much for the updates today.

    Get Well Soon Sophia.
    Sending you a kiss from Texas.

    Love to all,

  10. Well okay… I guess there won’t be any more updates then. I will go to bed. Hope y’all gets lots of sleep but write again soon for her adoring fans!

  11. Hooray!! So happy and relieved to see that Sophia’s surgery went well and that she is a Champ (but we knew that already). Air hugs and kisses to the cutest lil’ peanut!

  12. Sandy Danks says:

    Sure – keeping score now ๐Ÿ™‚ Know that are prayers are with you all. Glad to hear Sophia is progressing quickly & that the surgery went well. Love to you all. If you need anything – don’t hesitate to call or email. Love & Kisses from all the Corhouse clan.

  13. So glad all seems well thinking of you and sending love xxxxxxxxx