surgery time is here again

I just got off the phone with Sophia’s cardiologist who informed me that the surgery to repair her VSD and ASD will be taking place as soon as things get coordinated with the surgery team, which could be as early as next Wednesday.  Although we knew the cardiologist would be presenting Sophia’s case to the team this morning the news came as quite a shock since we were expecting to have at least another few months. 


One of the problems all along has been that Sophia presents a “reportable case” which basically means that the holes in her heart are so different from other cases that the doctors have no precedence to go by. After another echo on Monday we met with the cardiologist who said that since her vsd is continuing to diminish and Sophia has been doing so well that she wasn’t worried about the threat of pulmonary hypertension and said we should meet again in two months and go from there.  However, while presenting Sophia’s case at conference this morning a visiting physician said that he had a case exactly like Sophia’s and they also waited but really regretted it now. The cardiologist didn’t elaborate on exactly what he meant by “regret”, just that she was going to contact the cardiac surgeon to set the ball in motion. She also informed me that Dr. Foker, who performed both Sophia’s coarc repair and her nissen/g-tube placement, is no longer doing heart work so Dr. Harrington will be performing the surgery.


Anyway, thats all I have for now. I will keep you updated as we learn more.