Surgery set for the 29th

I spoke with the surgery team today and they let me know that Sophia is scheduled to go in for pre-op on the 26th and then back for surgery on the 29th at 7am. In a way it is a relief because the way the cardiologist was talking we thought we would be in by the end of this week, which was all a little unexpected and overwhelming. So we are glad that we have been given a little breathing room and have time to get used to the idea. On the other hand, we now have a few more weeks to fret about the whole thing and it might have been better to get it over with while we were still dazed.

On another note… My mother arrived in town Tuesday for Sophia’s 1/2 year birthday celebration. She has been spending a lot of time getting to know her grandmother and I have enjoyed having the ability to hand her off to someone else once and awhile. Sophia got several new outfits (which I hear girls love) and stuffed animals that make lots of noise… thanks again 🙁 . She also “had” her first cake and got to sit in her new chair (pictures in the Papa’s Back Gallery).

Deb had a presentation to give in St. Cloud tonight so we all drove out with her. While she was presenting we met an old friend of my mom’s for dinner at Mexican Village. Sophia had her first experience being changed on a diaper station in an overly cramped men’s room and I got to experience all the shocked, uncomfortable looks on men’s faces when they walk in to discover a scene that I am beginning to wonder if we are biologically equipped to handle.


  1. I love the Half Birthday pictures. Sophia is just so precious!

  2. Your pics are lovely. Sophia and Annalise are so alike they weigh exactly the same and both have the cutest little puzzled looks. I am sure the stress gets to you sometimes but what beautiful experiences you are giving your baby. She is forever in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx