Sophia has been really enjoying one of her new books that has different kid faces expressing different feelings. She’s really caught on to “surprised,” and throws her hands onto her face when you say “surprised!”  Zoe, of course, wants to imitate her sister, whether it is standing on her head or making cute gestures.  Her “surprised” started out looking like “Doh!” but she’s refined it now so it is a little closer to surprise.

They are both using a lot more gestures to communicate.  Zoe used “more” when watching Margaret (our nanny) leave one afternoon and when wanting Papa to wake up.  When she hears people walking by outside, she’ll start waving.  She does the wipers on the bus and pats her legs for “Zoe is here today.”

Sophia has been practicing a butterfly song Margie (OT) taught her and suddenly came up with actions to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” today–the twinkling hands and the diamond shape!  The diamond starts out as a topless square, but ends up as a diamond eventually.  She is so sweet watching her two thumbs go together.  She also somehow learned how to “knock.”  She was knocking on the window one morning and then after choosing a joke book to read would “knock” during the “knock knock” jokes (in addition to giggling hysterically as though somehow she knew she was supposed to laugh?).  We also think she figured out that Papa’s name is “John.”  We were listening to a kids CD and the song “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” came on and she started rolling her eyes up toward the stairs with a little grin.  I asked her if she knew who John was and she gave me the cutest smile like she knew a big secret!  When I was repeating the story to John she gave him the same little smile when he asked her who John was.

The double stroller has been working out okay for the most part.  One day I somehow released the front wheel, so it came off as we were trying to cross an intersection.  Luckily, we were close to home so John could come and help us, since I couldn’t bend the frame back with my hands.  We realized after we’d taken the girls out that I could have pushed them using just the two back wheels, but I’m sure it was safer to carry them.  They were good in it when we met Hillary, Lily, Jen & Bryant to see Siobhàn and Aisling’s dress rehearsal for the May Day parade on Saturday.  Today, however, Sophia got a little too impulsive and Zoe a little too touchy.  John heard Zoe crying from the other side of the street (we’d backtracked to find Zoe’s lost shoe), so she got to be carried home instead of being tormented by her sister.

Sophia had some of her own torment this week.  She went to see her endocrinologist for the first time in over a year.  She was not a fan of the nurse who was trying to get height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, etc.  John ended up holding her on the scale and then being weighed on his own to subtract out her weight.  They gave up on the blood pressure (I sure hope it is okay as it has been a long time since she’s tolerated that).  It was pretty amazing, though, that Sophia didn’t cry at all for the doctor and even reached out for her to hold her.  Although the doctor thought Sophia missed her, we decided it must have been the street clothes and no stethoscope, because when she left her stethoscope on, Sophia became upset.

Zoe, on the other hand, was not tormented at all by weaning.  She hasn’t seemed to give it a second thought, as long as she has her (only) bottle before she goes to sleep.  We’ll work on weaning her from that after we get back (the doctor gave us until mid June).

John had the rare opportunity to watch Zoe going down to sleep.  He was in bed when I brought Zoe in for a nap, and she didn’t realize he was in there.  I sang her a little song and laid her down thinking she’d just suck her thumb and go to sleep.  John said she stood up right away, chatting away, with her little head over the edge of the Pack ‘n Play and started pointing out and then leaning her head back (as though there was someone to be gesturing to).  At first, he thought she saw him when she made a little “humph” noise, but didn’t appear to after all.  After standing there for awhile, he heard a thump, and she laid down and started sucking her thumb, just like that.  Funny little girl.

I realized I haven’t really given an update on Sophia’s napping (apparently I only mention the challenges and not the successes).  Actually, I think I’m nervous to write it as though it might jinx it.  Anyway, she has started a really consistent habit of sleeping for an hour/hour and a half, even two hours on ocassion.  John (or his ocassional substitute) holds her for a half an hour or so while she gets her only remaining bolus feeding of the day, around 11:30/12:00.  Then he rocks for a few short minutes until she is nice and relaxed, lays her in bed and “wa la,” she’s down for a nap!  She does still wake up mid-nap on many days, but gets herself back to sleep for the most part.  I think her body is just used to napping now, and it is really nice.  We’ve moved bedtime to 6, and she’s actually been sleeping longer the past few days, so we’ll see how that goes.  Zoe is the one I can’t get to sleep past 4:30 AM any more.  I’m not sure what to do with her; I hate to keep her up too late as she is so tired, but that really is too early!  She’s already down for a nap by 6:30…Maybe this week she’ll say “surprise!” and sleep until a reasonable hour.


  1. My apologies to Sandy – It is my job to place photos and post the entries – It just slipped through the cracks yesterday. I hope your lunch today is more enjoyable

  2. Cousin kelly says:

    Ahhh..the joys of getting your children to sleep/nap for reasonable amounts of time!!!!! I love reading about the girls!!!