Teething with her big toe

Sophia had a pretty mellow week this week. After celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by wearing her “Thing 1” onesie (her sister will have “Thing 2”) and reading some of his books, she had to get her second-to-last shot to prevent RSV. We are very grateful that she has not been sick at all; we’d heard such horrible stories about repeated illnesses, hospitalizations, regressions, etc., that we were really concerned. Their big goal was to get her to a year old without getting sick, and we are almost there!

Sophia has been having a lot of fun becoming more mobile. Now she can move from her stomach to a sitting position by doing the splits and sitting up (she, of course, is not supposed to do it this way, but it is pretty efficient for her). She doesn’t really like to wear the nylons that keep her from moving her legs like this, but we do put them on periodically. She is busy hopping up and down on her tummy and scooting backwards (she loves to get onto the hardwood floor where she can move a lot faster).

We continue to work on independent sitting, and she is getting much better. The only tricky part is that she loves her feet so much that she doesn’t like to sit up straight; she wants to be playing with her feet. Her feet are coming in handy with her teething, too. That big toe (and it’s a big one) is just perfect for biting!

Sophia has also made progress in getting her teething biscuit into her mouth on her own and letting me keep it in her mouth long enough for her to bite down a few times and soften it up enough to eat a little bit of it. She is also doing well swallowing (and making bubbles with) the formula I give her on a spoon. Her gagging seems to have lessened; we just need to teach her how to consistently use her tongue to eat and that this is a way to address her hunger. Mukwa is sure picking up on the eating cues and is right by our side as soon as she either hears the high chair open up or hears me start signing “Yum, Yum, Yummy, Yum” to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” (Sophia’s getting ready-to-eat song).

Friday Sophia got to spend the day with Grandma and get lots of TLC. Grandma taught her the song “Hello, Hello, How are you?” and now whenever I sing it to her, she gives me a big smile. She also discovered her talking Blue (from Blues Clues) who sings the Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom book. At one point she was on her elbows, looking at him, smiling, waiting for him to start singing again. It didn’t take her long to realize we were squeezing his hand to make him sing; she would touch his hand, hoping he’d start. She also got a new CD of silly songs that she loves to dance to. (I think it is time for a break, though, because all last night I had the song “Bad Babies” in my head–sung by a 5 year old, complaining about the baby’s crying and yelling).

At last week’s visit, the nurse/midwife told me that it would likely be at least a week before Sophia’s sister arrived, but she didn’t think we’d go past her due date. So, we are back to just wondering again. I think Sophia is going to miss the shelf she gets to sit on.


  1. I tell you that child was made for yoga. You can see she is working on her positions in her chair. I know I can see triangle and a good attempt at forward folding. 🙂