the trouble with tummies

Well, Sophia had another week trying to get her tummy straightened out.  We added an antibiotic (erythromycin) Monday night, which is supposed to help with motility.  Wednesday we started experimenting with a formula supplement to make sure we are ready when we need to be.  They recommended Elecare, which is supposed to be the most broken down of all of the formulas and good for little ones with digestive issues.  We don’t know yet which (if either) of these new things is creating problems for her, but Saturday morning she was really vomiting (not just spitting up) and getting really panicked and flailing around when stuff was coming up.  We took her in because the noted side effects of the erythromycin indicated she could develop infantile hypertonic pyloric stenosis (a narrowing of her stomach outlet into the intestines/duodenum).  Our internet research showed it developed only in kids under 3 months, but we wanted to be sure.  I grabbed a quick shower and called the pediatrician’s office when they opened at 9AM.  They said we could have the 9:15 if we could get there by then–it was probably closer to 9:25 by the time we got everything loaded and everyone clothed, but we got there.  They have a new doctor who happened to be one of our attendings in the hospital, so it was a big relief to have someone who had a general idea of how complicated Sophia’s medical history is.  She also had time to review her chart before we got there.  She thought Sophia looked great and was really excited to see her outside of the hospital.  The doctor wasn’t worried about her vomiting, as she was “well-hydrated.”  (I think that might be a nice way of saying she’s got some baby fat, but it’s good to hear.)  In any case, we decided to stop the new formula and see if that makes a difference.  She had another rough feeding Sunday morning, but it wasn’t as bad as Saturday.  We’ll have to see whether we try it again or find a new recommendation.  It’s hard because she has to have it increased from 20 calories/ounce to 26, so she gets a lot more of the formula.  We also found out that my mom is allergic to erythromycin, so that could be causing complications too, if Sophia has inherited that. 


Sophia had physical therapy this week at the hospital, so she got to show off her rolling.  We also ran into her speech therapist who didn’t have any recommendations for us for getting her to giggle; guess we’ll just have to be patient.  


Great Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Manny stopped to visit before heading to Arizona for the winter.  Sophia didn’t show them her rolling, but did demonstrate her favorite past time of looking at one hand while sucking on the other.  Her therapist says that while looking at their hands is normal for babies, they don’t typically hold it out in front of them like Sophia does–oh well, perhaps she’s learning muscle control or something else too.  She did her hand staring thing this afternoon while we were at the neighborhood cafe, while the baby next to her was sucking on his arm like he was eating a cob of corn.  Guess they all have their idiosyncrasies. We got home from lunch just in time to meet Grandma who was delivering a big box of peppers she’d rescued from the frost for me to bring to the office.  (She’d brought about 100 to church that morning and has her own box at home–guess the presents from the neighboring horse farm worked wonders for the garden this year).  When Grandma left, Sophia and I went out to weed to get ready for next weekend’s home tour (while Papa built Sophia’s closet shelves).  Because we live in a historic preservation district we often get groups of people walking through, Sophia got her first taste of all the questions they ask of anyone they see outside.  This group was from San Francisco on a Mpls/St. Paul museum tour and had some time before their Guthrie visit.  They had a ton of questions, but were sweet enough to say that Sophia was the cutest thing they’d seen all day.  She also met a 7 pound baby out for a walk to calm down.  She looked so incredibly tiny; I can’t even believe Sophia was that size for 2 months!   We’ve officially cleaned the newborn clothes out of her drawers; it was very sad, but she has so much fun wearing new outfits, that it will be okay.  Maybe that is why she’s spitting up so much; she knows she’ll get to wear a new cute outfit…