the big owie!

The week started out going in for a new MIC-KEY button.  This one is smaller in diameter so her opening will close around it.  It’s been hard to tell if it has made a significant difference with all of the other things going on this week.  She was doing much better eating orally this weekend, but still seems uncomfortable at the end of her feeding.  


As you can see by the picture above, Sophia got her first bruise this week.   John had her propped on a pillow in his lap to feed her on an incline and while he was using both of his hands to get her milk ready to go into her tube, she squirmed suddenly and fell, face first, right onto the hardwood floor.  She got a big bump on her right cheek that quickly turned into a bruise.  Otherwise, she seemed to survive okay.  She didn’t black out or have any other symptoms of a concussion.  So, Erin I guess it took just a few weeks for John to drop the baby!  He called me at work with Sophia wailing in the background, and I thought he was playing one of his frequent tricks.  Unfortunately, he was telling the truth about this one.   When we saw the pediatrician on Friday, he said he was surprised that John didn’t have a corresponding bruise on his face from me–he must really think I’m a high strung mother!  Luckily he knows us pretty well by now so we  don’t expect a mandatory report, but he said,  “Next time…”  It was a very scary experience, which we really hope  not to relive again.


The pediatrician visit was for Sophia’s 4 month immunizations.  He thought her hip seemed to pop a little when he moved it outward, so we got x-rays of her hips during our visit.  He’ll call after the radiologist reads it if there is anything to be concerned about.  She now weighs 10 pounds, 12 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long.  We are getting closer to 3-6 month clothes!  (She wore her first pair of shoes this week, and although they don’t exactly fit, they don’t fall off (or bother her)).  She seems to still be off the normal growth chart [find sheet].  


The sleep study people are coming by on Monday, so Sophia will have to sleep with a mask on all night to monitor her oxygen.  We hope she’ll tolerate it okay.  We’ll have to get up every two hours to check on things, I guess.  


On Wednesday we go back into the GI doc to see if there is anything to be done about the fact that she is spitting up more.  Her coughing has probably loosened her Nissen up, but it seems like at this point we just have to wait for her to outgrow it.  I’m a little nervous to take her to see him because the last time we talked to him, his only idea was to move her feeding tube from her stomach into her intestine, which would prohibit her from eating very much at a time.    


Sophia also met her cousin Adam and friend Emil for the first time this week. When Siobhan visited, she helped her practice her math flash cards, and caught her cheating!