the diaper lesson

Sophie loves her bath, and it really works to wake her up. So she got one before her 10 o’clock attempt to nurse. It was mom’s first try at doing it alone. All of the new parent bumbles with a medical audience! The bath went great; and she got to use her big, fluffy, yellow ducky towel. But before we were even quite done, the doctors came by on rounds, so I bundled her quick to keep her dry. I forgot, however, to bundle the most important part, and when the nurse and I took her towel off to dress her, she’d reminded me very clearly that she needs a diaper after a bath!


She did okay with her nursing until she “emesissed” on both of us. We’ll try again next time. Her Papa and I have decided that our diaper bag will need to contain extra clothes for all of us! If you see John with spit up down his back, let him know as he might not have noticed…


Hooray! At her 4 o’clock feeding Sophia “took” 20 ccs while breastfeeding! A huge milestone on this long journey home