The floppy Wright girls

Zoe had her eval from the school district this week. The OT said she had low muscle tone (not as low as Sophia’s, but low). (Sophia apparently has really low tone even for a child with DS). I don’t know what that says about their parents!

Zoe did qualify for services in the motor area (fine and gross). They didn’t think there was a particular diagnosis, just a delay. (Grandma thinks it is because we don’t dare leave Zoe on the floor with Sophia scooting around, so she doesn’t get enough time to develop these things). They have proposed weekly OT therapy, so hopefully we can coordinate it with Sophia’s teachers. She was a little below the mean in the other areas too, but not enough to create an “education need.” My favorite part of the proposed IEP is where they explain that she is not expected to follow the Minneapolis school’s discipline policy because she is only 5 months old! What a relief; we won’t be in the principal’s office for awhile yet!

Both girls have been standing at the sofa; Sophia can pull herself up now. She likes to pull up to see “Blue.” He seems to be her best friend these days. He is the one she visits in the morning (instead of the mirror). She’s also pretty attached to her 1/2 Ernie, 1/2 Bert talking head. (I hope she doesn’t have any lasting confusion when she finally sees Sesame Street).

The girls have been really fun together lately. Zoe sometimes giggles when Sophia crawls toward her or lays her head on Zoe’s tummy. Sophia has been taking Zoe’s toys away, but Zoe tries to hold on to them. I think Sophia’s weakness is going to be that she has more hair for Zoe to pull. Hopefully, she won’t sink those sharp teeth into her sister. She got me a couple of times this week; once she drew blood! Sophia is still getting used to sharing our attention. If I’m holding Sophia and look to Zoe to sing to her or something, Sophia has to lean over to stick her head into my line of vision.

We are still trying to figure out this nap thing for Sophia. A couple of times this week, she fell asleep on her Papa’s shoulder out on the porch swing. She is usually so busy crawling around that it was pretty sweet for her to snuggle up like that.

Zoe is going down well for her naps. She pretty much sleeps for a 1/2 hour, is awake for an hour, and then goes back down again for a 1/2 hour nap (repeat, repeat, all day long). She’s in a habit of waking around 4AM for a feeding, but I figure that isn’t too bad as she usually goes down around 6:30/7PM.

The girls got to go to the hospital as visitors and not patients this week. They got to meet baby Lily (Hillary’s little sister). She seems so tiny, but I imagine she’ll grow as fast as the girls have. I’m so glad they’ll have a little buddy, since we really aren’t exposing them to other kids very much.

On Saturday, Grandma came so “we” (mostly John to be truthful) could put some sod in our backyard. It should be a nice little spot for the girls to play.

We also met with a couple of nanny candidates this week (part-time for the fall). I think we’ll get it worked out soon, which is a big relief.

Sophia’s hearing test is scheduled now for September 22, so we’ll be back in the OR then. We’ll combine Sophia’s pre-op exam with Zoe’s 6-month check-up, so we’ll be spending another afternoon at the pediatrician’s office. Luckily, they have been pretty adaptable.