The Flu Bug Bites

003SOZO003.jpgWe had some sort of stomach flu bug last weekend.  I don’t know if there is anything sadder than little ones who are sick and can’t tell you what’s wrong.  Sophia started Friday night, spitting up several times until we finally stopped her feeding pump.  We weren’t quite sure if it was related to her reflux or if it was a bug, but after she ended up with diarrhea and had trouble even keeping Pedialyte down the next day, it seemed she had something.   It seemed Zoe wasn’t feeling so well that night either as she was up for about 4 1/2 hours not sleeping.  She didn’t cry as long as she was being held, but had no desire to lay down in her bed and wouldn’t fall asleep while being held, either.  Needless to say, they both had an extremely early bedtime on Saturday.  Sophia was asleep by 4:30PM, and Zoe by 5:15PM!

We found out in the middle of the day on Sunday that Zoe had it to.  She suddenly had the projectile vomit, out her nose and everywhere, as John tried to feed her lunch.  We thought we’d become quite used to projectile vomit, but realize now that Sophia’s spitting up of milk is a whole different deal.  Poor John got clean up duty as I was also sick.  I was so weak, he had to carry the girls up and down the stairs for me when I was going to put them to bed.  John ended up getting it to, so we both spent a lot of time trying to entertain the girls while laying on the floor.  They were really good, though, and even though sleepy, not crabby from being sick.

The nurse said we should try giving Zoe 1-2 tsps of Pedialyte every 5 minutes, and then she could have breast milk in about 4 hours.  She continued to be unable to keep anything down, so we stopped the Pedialyte.  When she woke up starving around 2AM, I tried to nurse, but since I was sick too, it wasn’t nearly enough for her.  She was so hungry she actually took a bottle from me that was barely thawed and downed it.  John fed her two more bottles before she was so tired she needed to go back to sleep.  She and I ended up sleeping on the living room floor as she was not comfortable rocking, didn’t want to lay down in bed alone, and I wasn’t strong enough to walk around with her.  She finally fell asleep on my stomach and then gradually moved to sleeping on her own.  We kept her on bland foods for the next couple of days, and she seemed to recover really quickly.

Sophia started doing better Saturday night, and we fed her Pedialyte all night.   We’ve tried twice moving back to straight Pediasure. The first time it made her urpy again and both times made her diarrhea return.  We are still struggling with that.  For the most part it is only at night, but that means she wakes up between 4 and 5 with messy pajamas and a messy bed, and there is no going back to sleep after that is all taken care of.  I’m sure it is hard for her system to get back to normal with that fatty milk she eats, so I’m hopeful that’s all it is.

Her G-tube site has also been leaking  a lot again, but the docs think it is more related to her being sick.  I guess most illnesses cause delayed gastric emptying, and the path of least resistance is out her site.  Unfortunately, what leaks out is stomach acid, so we have to try really hard to keep it dry and protected.  It can be really disconcerting to realize that the food we are putting in her is leaking out her stomach; there really isn’t much else we can do to get her her nutrition.  Her site could also have been irritated by my pulling her tube out the other day!  I had her in the car seat with her pump going and had tucked the tubing in carefully so she wouldn’t pull it out while I was driving.  When we got home I picked her and the pump up without releasing the tubing and her MIC-KEY button pulled right out–ugh!  Luckily, it didn’t seem to hurt her at all, but it could have disrupted things on the inside a little bit.

Despite the bug, they’ve both been doing lots of new things.  Sophia seems to have mastered “patting” and is drumming John’s bongos,  patting us on the back when she gives us hugs, patting the water in the bathtub, etc.   She’s also getting good at the motions for the “Horsey, Horsey” good-bye song her teachers sing (so good in fact that she started doing it in the middle of  her teacher Jennifer’s last visit…but Jennifer stayed anyway).

Last time I wrote, I had just noticed Zoe standing without seeing how she did it.  Now she is standing all the time; pulling up on the wall, toys, furniture, us, etc.  She also practiced stair climbing in PT this week, practiced going all the way to the top with Siobhàn this weekend, and now climbed a step all on her own today!  Jane (PT) says Zoe is game to do it because she doesn’t know she should be scared, while Sophia knows it is scary and isn’t too interested.  She’d like to be able to come upstairs, but doesn’t like the steps.  The gate we got for the bottom of the stairs doesn’t work after all, but we’ll need to get something soon as Zoe does not like it when we leave to go up the stairs without her and I’m sure will start to follow us soon.

When I got back home from Bemidji yesterday, it sounded to Siobhàn and I like Zoe said “Mama” when she heard my voice, but who knows.   She also said “Mama” to John today…

We think Zoe might be allergic to tomatoes.  John fed her a jar of pasta primavera, and she spit both bites out immediately and then developed a rash on her face.  The only two ingredients she hadn’t had were egg whites and tomatoes.  Although she hasn’t had plain egg whites, I’m sure there’s been trace amounts on the yolks I make, so if she was that sensitive we would have seen this before.  We’ll keep watching it.

We finally had to move Zoe into the pack ‘n play and out of her mini crib.  We knew we’d have to as soon as she could pull herself up, and John found her standing in it on Saturday.  She’s adjusted just fine to her new bed; let’s hope her transition back to her sister’s room goes as smoothly!

The two of them are having lots of fun together for the most part.  They really like to hug and kiss (and smother) each other.  I think Zoe is teething again and wasn’t too patient with her sister this weekend.  Sophia would look at her wrong, and she’d start to cry.  Of course, Sophia also bit her finger, pinched her stomach and hugged her so hard her head hit the floor, so there were plenty of real things to cry about too.   I was right there supervising them, but their four quick hands are no match for my two slow ones.  I’ve decided its too hard to bathe them together, trying to wash them while keeping both of them from pulling on Sophia’s button, and Sophia from pulling Zoe’s hair or pinching her.

Luckily, Zoe can usually keep her balance now when Sophia tries to push her over, so that helps a lot.  She is getting a lot more assertive about keeping toys or being able to see or play with whatever it is that she wants.  Sophia, however, still thinks she needs to sit between her sister and whatever book we are reading.  They were both really touchy today (probably because they got up at 4:45 AM).  Sophia didn’t like that I was feeding Zoe while she was sitting on my lap, and Zoe didn’t like that Sophia was sitting on my lap while I was feeding her.  And of course, when one needs to cuddle, they both need to cuddle…


  1. christy says:

    Oh – you poor people! I hope you are all gaining strength and will be back to normal soon. How awful to have the whole family sick. There’s nothing like cleaning up tot messes when you yourself are sick…

    Gee -i was complaining the other day because simon and i had to wake up at 6:30 to give Joe a ride to the airport. I feel a little sheepish now… (I’m still complaining that joe is in the caribbean without us though!)

  2. Auntie Erin says:

    OM goodness! Sounds terrible!!! Next time, please don’t hesitate to call on outside reinforcements. Like Karen. 😉

    You two sure earned your stripes this weekend. Very sorry to hear how ooky it was!