the pee catcher

The main goal today was to collect that urine sample.  The little bag they put on was contaminated with stool 5 different times, and the tape used to secure it was making her skin red, so the next option was to insert a catheter.  Two different nurses tried and couldn’t get it, so our last option was to hold a specimen cup and collect it that way.  It didn’t take her long to decide to go while laying without a diaper.  I swooped in to get what I could.  Her nurse practically hugged me when she found out because no one had enjoyed trying to get the sample the other ways.


Overnight, the boy with the infectious disease team following him had cried all night–so needless to say, there wasn’t much sleeping going on in the hospital room.  We had a request in for a private room again, but when one of the bays emptied in our larger room, we asked to move there.  It was our first window view in six weeks–looking out toward the Mississippi–although the trees cover it up right now.  Then, a few minutes later, they moved the little boy out, so we had the whole nursery to ourselves!  


Speech came by and approved use of a medium flow Nuk nipple –she can handle that now that her swallowing and latch have improved.  It made a huge difference.  We are also only supposed to let her eat for 30 minutes–so we are spending a lot less time feeding her.  She seems to have adjusted well and still takes a pretty good volume in that limited time once she’s hungry averaging about 70ccs.    


The GI doc met with us and doesn’t seem to be rushing to do the G-tube/Nissen, so that was reassuring.  


The endocrine docs lowered her synthroid dose again as she’d become hyperthyroid since we were at the pediatrician last week.  Apparently, it will be a lot of adjusting of doses since she can only take a whole pill, half a pill, or a quarter of a pill, and her needs might be right in between.  They are giving us a liquid form while we are at the hospital, which only has a shelf life of a week. So, if it turns out that she does actually need a middle-level dose, we could probably make the weekly trip to the pharmacist to do that too.  Our pharmacist is a “cute little old man” as we say, so we wouldn’t mind visiting him frequently.  As Sophia grows and adjusts to the medicine, that will impact her levels too.