the reflux

We are learning all about reflux protocols over here–holding her upright while she gets her gavage feeding; elevating the head of her crib mattress; and not changing her diaper after she eats. It’s hard not to change her when you know she’s gone, but the nurses assure us that its okay. Grandma Corhouse held her lots today, and she seemed to keep her food down a little better. She’s still “arching” a lot with her head, which could mean the reflux is bothering her, but they don’t know for sure. They’ve stopped her Zantac to see if she really needs it or not.


We’ve been able to dress her in real clothes for a few days since she has fewer cords–its just hard for her to wear anything that needs to go over her head with her nasal cannula.


It is much noisier here at the NICU–those premies sure have good lung power! We’ve told Sophia that she can learn about eating from the other kids, but shouldn’t be learning anything about wailing from them!


We ran to Target tonight for some baby things, and the oh-so-nice clerk wanted to know when my baby was due! When I explained that she had already been born, but was just in the hospital, she stared at my stomach in disbelief. I guess that means I should dig out the non-maternity clothes again!