These (feet) are made for walking!

It was a big day today (besides it being Aisling’s birthday).  Zoe took her first unassisted steps (to get to her teacher Jennifer!)  Toward the end of the week, she had been standing without hanging on more and walking with just one handed support.  Yesterday, it looked a few times like she was considering taking a step and then she did lunge a couple of times to some furniture, and then, suddenly today, she was doing it!  It’s of course still much faster to push the cart or crawl, but she repeated it several times today, so we are bracing ourselves for the chaos to come!  (I guess we can’t complain; they’ve held off until 15 months and 26 months!)

Sophia is consistently walking (wobbling/lunging) 10+ feet w/o assistance.  She also climbed up several steps today without assistance.  She takes a whole step at a time when you help her, but she apparently decided she could crawl up on her own, just out of the blue.  I’m sure Jane (PT) wouldn’t say it was out of the blue, but it seems that way to me.  Sophia also walked all the way to the coffee shop, in the door, and back home again with Papa this week.

It is such a treat for them to have their little adventure with Papa.  Usually Zoe is sleeping when it is Sophia’s turn, so she doesn’t have to be disappointed, but Sophia is always around when it is Zoe’s turn to go and doesn’t think that is so great.  Today, Zoe squealed when Papa put her coat on, which made Sophia cry even harder that she didn’t get to go.  Luckily, Jennifer came up the walk soon afterward, so all was well.

Sophia continues to consider herself Zoe’s teacher.  She helps Zoe get her little push cart over the carpet and follows her around to be sure she is okay.  She also likes to feed her with a spoon (Zoe tries so hard to cooperate try to get her mouth around the spoon; they are quite a funny sight).  Today, Sophia was either just harassing Zoe or imitating her parents by pulling the back of her diaper down to look inside!  I wonder if changing her sister’s diaper could be an IEP goal?  Or maybe reporting that there is a “poopy”?  We’ve moved them both up to size 4 diapers now, so they are back in the same size again, and I’m crossing my fingers that this is the last size we’ll be in before they are potty trained?

Sophia has all the signs of teething, but we can’t seem to see that she is actually getting any of the 4 teeth she is still missing.  I imagine they’ll take awhile to come in, just like the others.  We’ve delayed using the brace once again.  He added some padding so the neck strap wouldn’t rub and bother her, but it still rides up and puts pressure in the wrong place.  I don’t know if it is because she is too little for the design or what.  She actually let me put it on without crying or anything, but it won’t do her any good if it isn’t in the right place.  We’ll have to see if he can adjust it any.

Zoe mastered another feat this week:  she is completely weaned from the bottle!  We planned to do this gradually after we got back from our trip (and before her 15 mo. dr. appt).  We started by moving the bottle to her Papa time before bed, only, not during her bedtime routine.  She thought that was fine, so then we cut the amount in half, and she was still okay.  Then, one night we fed her a ton (including some of Papa’s powdered doughnuts), which I think made her too full to even be interested in her bottle.  So, the next night we didn’t give her one, either, and she hasn’t seemed to miss it.  She cried one night, but I think it was because she poked her eye when she was rubbing it, because she didn’t ask for milk or anything and calmed down pretty quickly.  Now, the trick is to get her to drink enough milk without the bottle.   She has seemed to drink more during her meals, and we give her lots of other dairy products, too, so I think she’s okay.  As Grandma says, she sure looks like she gets enough to eat!

Both girls had their last ECFE classes for the session, and Sophia has already been invited to a play date/2 year old birthday party (I guess her little sister gets to come along at this age).  Zoe seemed to really get the hang of class and actually went under the parachute this time (so her hair got all full of static electricity and stood straight up).  No surprise that she was over at the snack table several minutes before snack time.  They’ll miss their little classes, but we do have swimming lessons at the Y and will probably do the Art Sprouts class again.

Papa set up their picnic table and sandbox right before the rainy weekend, so we haven’t had a chance to really play with them yet, although they did sit at the table for awhile.  They want to be outdoors as much as possible, so hopefully, we can keep them contained in the backyard (and keep Zoe from eating the sand).

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  1. Christina says:

    Hello all of you – so many beautiful wonderful photos from Hawaii. Made me feel like I was almost there. I can taste the salty water and see the gorgeous sunsets. I’m so glad you got to experience it! The girls look great and their progress in all areas (from drinking to pooping to communicating to walking to just plain living) seems wonderful. We’ve got to get over to see them before they jump through too many more developmental stages! Love you all, and hugs – Christina