These little piggies grunt and squeal

Zoe continues to grunt consistently (mostly at night). She is having trouble pooping very much at any time, and she seems really uncomfortable. When she finally went on Saturday, she was in a much better mood. The grunting is back again, though. Apparently, they don’t consider it constipation since her stools are loose, but she is definitely uncomfortable. I think we’ll check with the nurse tomorrow. At night it seems like the only time she isn’t grunting is when she is hiccuping, eating at the all-night diner (which seems like most of the night), or actually sleeping (which she has a hard time doing unless she’s held constantly). She’s had a few good nights, so hopefully once her “baby grunting syndrome” is resolved, she’ll be sleeping like a champ.

Sophia squealed for the first time this week when she and Papa were having “tickle time.” She has a very ticklish waist, so is an easy target for her Papa’s scratchy beard Zerberts. She’s still struggling with her teeth, so it’s fun when she is in a playful mood. She’s also developed some sort of GI issue with darker spit up from what we are assuming is blood in her stomach. She’s on an ulcer med (carafate) for now to try to settle her stomach if there is irritation, and we are supposed to check back in again tomorrow. So we will have to see what develops.

To try to help Zoe sleep, we added a soother to her bassinet. That means we are now falling asleep to Zoe’s soother in our room and Sophia’s soother over the monitor; it’s a good thing we are so tired so we can sleep through the dueling soothers! We also finally broke down and decided to buy a swing (or “soothing station” as they call it) as another option to calm a baby or to have a safe place to put one of them. It takes up space in our little house, but I think it will be worth it.

Now that it is nicer outside, we try to take the girls for a walk every day to get some fresh air (and for both of us to work on our baby pounds). One day we walked up to the park, and Sophia got to swing for the first time, go down the slide and ride on the teeter tooter with her sister (and Mama and Papa, too, of course).

During PT this week, Sophia practiced standing and actually put weight on her feet. She was motivated to get up to look in her favorite mirror (that has lip marks all over it from her kissing herself). She’s continued to do really well with that and her Johnny Jump-Up ever since. My favorite new thing this week is the way she taps her fingers on her high chair tray while I’m feeding her, like she is impatiently drumming them to get me to hurry up! I think John’s favorite new thing is that he taught her to bang two sticks together. My least favorite thing is that she seems to think my nursing pads are supposed to be squished like the crinkly stuff she has in lots of her toys. John’s least favorite is the way she starts to fake cry when Zoe is crying; he tells them it isn’t choir practice, but they already aren’t listening!

Zoe had her first immersion bath now that her cord has fallen off. She didn’t love it, but hopefully she’ll get used to it and soon be splashing wildly like her sister. I put her on my lap in her towel when I took her out, and she immediately peed on my leg! I guess it was pay back!

Zoe also got to attend one of her “Auntie” Nicole’s birthday festivities, since we haven’t introduced the bottle yet and she seems to eat so often that time of night. (Nicole has already started teaching her about how to do March birthdays right). She went to the local bowling alley for an hour or so and slept the entire time. She had to leave when they announced it was 21+ only, after 10:00. John and I were relieved to see that she isn’t much of a partier. She looked ready for the night in her bright white polka dotted pjs; the black light made her glow (and disguised the not-so-white-anymore wrap around T-shirt that was a hand-me-down already when I wore it. I think you call that retro?).

We are enjoying the girls and gradually figuring out how to meet both of their needs (eventually). John woke up one morning to find me tearing up because I had to put Sophia in her crib while I was feeding her so that I could also feed Zoe who’d started fussing. I just felt so bad making Sophia wait and go back into bed, but it was the only way to keep her upright and reduce her reflux. She didn’t seem to mind, but adding that to the fact that her diaper had somehow leaked that morning and she hadn’t cried at all about that and one day earlier in the week, the tubing for her pump had become detached, and 1 1/2 ounces of milk dripped onto her leg, again without protest, I just started feeling badly about how sweet and tolerant she is. I think we’ve definitely been spoiled!


  1. Janelle says:

    Hi Deb!
    Congratulations! Two beautiful girls – wow! You know I am partial to girls.

    I want you to know how much I enjoy SoZo’s World. I love reading the updates on the girls.

    Today when I read about Zoe’s poop problems, it reminded me of my granddaughter, Emmie. Emmie had the same problems. Things will get better as she gets more variety added to her diet. But, I do know what you mean when you say it is so sad to see them so uncomfortable.

    Love to you and your beautiful family. God Bless!

  2. Peggy & Jim says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia!!
    We wish you another great year.
    We love you dearly.