Two Sisters Get Their First Teeth

As you know by now, Zoe arrived on Wednesday morning: with one front bottom tooth! Two days later Sophia’s first tooth finally broke through her gum. She’s going to look so different with teeth. Zoe has already lost hers, which is good because it was a little creepy and not the most comfortable for nursing. It was so loose, and they didn’t want her to swallow it, so the doctor pulled it out with his fingers (his first one in 27 years of practice). Unfortunately for Zoe, the tooth fairy hasn’t been to visit yet, must be busy…. Apparently, it could either be just an extra tooth, or more likely the baby tooth that should have come in a few months later (so she might have a space there until her permanent tooth comes in).

This seems to be the first of many competitions we will see between them. Sophia already seems to have learned to cry louder, cough more and sleep less! She does seem to be warming up to Zoe now though. When John and Grandma first brought her to the hospital to meet Zoe, she hit her in the face, kicked her (which is probably more about her needing to touch everything with her feet), and scratched her head like it was something from one of her touch and feel books. She didn’t really look at her and seemed pretty disinterested. Since then, though, she’s gradually been paying more attention to her. She wants to roll on her, play with her eyes, and scratch her head.

Sophia seemed to know that Tuesday would be her last night as the sole center of attention; she needed a few extra snuggles to get to sleep. We got through all of her middle of the night rituals: diaper change, adding milk to her pump, and giving meds, and then I realized that the pain was not just constant any more, but coming in waves. I woke John about 1AM, called my mom, and started getting ready to go. Mom got here a little after 2AM, we filled her in on what Sophia needed in the morning, and headed out for the minute and a half trip to the hospital. We checked in, the midwife came, they let me know there was no time for pain medicine, and a few minutes later Zoe arrived! She caught on to nursing right away and continues to eat well. We were on the 12-hour plan at the hospital, and although there were a few people here and there trying to convince us to stay longer, the midwife and pediatrician both agreed after our lobbying that Zoe and I could leave that afternoon. We got them to exempt us from the shaken baby and post-partum depression videos, as we’d seen them w/in the last 11 months, and just had to wait for Zoe’s echocardiogram in order to be discharged. Thankfully, her heart was just fine, and we were able to go home about 6PM.

Mukwa was really interested in Zoe and left her covered in drool. Just like with Sophia, Mukwa gets really concerned when Zoe cries. Aisling and Siobhan came over that night to meet Zoe, and Siobhan had lots of fun holding her. Sophia had a tough time getting to sleep since she’d missed her afternoon nap at the hospital. We’ve had a few more of these nights too (taking 4-4 1/2 hours to get her to sleep)–between teething, disruptions, the new baby, etc., things have just been a little unsettled for her. We hope that is turning around; tonight it only took an hour to get her to sleep.

Zoe’s first night was spent nursing almost the whole time. She’s eating more regularly now and actually sleeping in her bassinet between a couple of the feedings. She still likes to be swaddled, so she is basically this little egg roll we move from place to place. When she’s hungry she opens her mouth like the little bird from the book Are you my Mother? It is very cute. She’s been a really good baby so far, but I imagine it has a lot to do with the fact that she is just a few days old and has jaundice. We go back in tomorrow to check on her bilirubin levels to see if she’ll need the UV lights or not. Hopefully it will go away on its own, but she still looks pretty orange. She is eating fine, so it hasn’t impacted her too much at this point.

Home health came on Thursday to do Zoe’s blood draw for the metabolic screening (PKU, etc.). Sophia’s nurse came to do it, so it was fun to see a familiar face. I’m sure Sophia was relieved that it wasn’t her blood being drawn this time. Turns out she and another nurse who’s come to the house were chatting about how cute Sophia is and how great her Papa is. Hmm… I guess most of the dads they see try to follow their wives’ instructions, but aren’t very independent in caring for their kids. Sophia also had PT on Thursday, so she got some special attention. She got to sit on a stool, which was very cute. She’s getting a lot more stable in sitting, even reaching for things, or putting things in her mouth at the same time she is balancing. She was also staying on her hands and kness really well the next day, which I thought at first was related to practicing with PT. As it turns out, I think it was due more to the fact that we had her in less stretchy pants, so she had no choice but to keep her knees straighter. We finished off Zoe’s second day with a short walk down the mall in the beautiful weather. It’s so nice to be able to bring her outside and not be stuck in a hospital!

My mom was able to help us out for several days so we have managed to get some sleep. Sophia has really been bonding with her and loves to show off the new things she can do. Her latest favorite thing to do is bounce her bottom and legs to music.

Sunday, Zoe got to meet her Uncle Todd and his girlfriend Misty and our next door neighbors Henry and Teri. Sophia is really enjoying opening Zoe’s gifts; she loves playing with the paper and ribbons.

Monday, we ventured out in the snow and took Zoe in for her newborn check up and Sophia in for a blood draw to check her thyroid. We confirmed that Zoe has jaundice, found out that she has gained back her birth weight (which they want her to do w/in 2 weeks, so that’s a relief), and learned that she has a 63% head (and 42% weight and 51% height). Sophia watched Zoe get her heel pricked and then had to have her own blood draw. Unfortunately, the tech found the vein but could not get the needle in it. Luckily, she only poked Sophia once, but she was digging around in her arm trying to get the vein. I felt like I was going to faint watching this, so I finally offered that we could come back and try another day; it wasn’t critical. Apparently, Sophia’s veins are getting even tougher to poke with all of the fat on her arms. We’ll try again tomorrow (and maybe I should sit down this time, I’m getting queasy just typing about it).

All in all, we’ve been having a good week with “the girls.” I have moments of concern that we’ll be shorting them both of the attention they should have, but I hope the trade off of having a buddy will be good for them in the end. It is a very weird experience adding a whole new life to the family. We’re so attached to Sophia, it is strange to think of being able to create that same bond with yet another little life and still maintain the bond we have with Sophia.


  1. Thanks for the update, Deb! It sounds like your family is adjusting very well to the new addition. It can only get easier as the days go by and the weather gets better! Sophia sounds like the perfect big sister — make sure Zoe knows who’s on first! Enjoy every minute.

  2. Deb, John, and Sophia,

    Congratulations on the arrival of Zoe! Thanks for the blog, but I can hardly imagine how you found time to update. The pictures are wonderful; you have two beautiful daughters! What an incredible amount of change and growth you all have experienced this past year. Isn’t parenting the most amazing and surprising adventure? Your daughters’ are fortunate to have you both as their parents and I look forward to reading blog updates. Congratulations!!!

  3. Hello all you Corhouses and Wrights–Just wanted to let you know that we’re tickled pink about your new family member. It sounds (understandably!) pretty crazy over there, but you’re all gradually getting used to the new “normal”, whatever the heck that is! Let us know when you’re up for company. I don’t want to intrude, but will certainly want to come meet Zoe and spend some more time with all of you! Love and sleep/rest to all of you, Rebecca

  4. Welcome Zoe! We are so happy for you all and glad things are going well for you and your “girls”. Having a sister close in age is great and I’m sure Sophia and Zoe will be the best of friends. Take care!

  5. Cousin Kelly says:

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like everything is coming together for your beautiful family. All we can hope is that we get to meet the girls this Christmas!!!!!!!!