Walkin’ along, singing our songs, side by side

We finally ordered a double stroller as Zoe was about maxing out her Bjorn (and our backs).  I was nervous about getting the side-by-side kind, but knew they’d much prefer to be able to see each other.  So far, no one has a gouged eye or bald patch in her scalp.  We can see them pretty well while we’re pushing, so I think it will be okay. They’ll just have to coordinate their “wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish” a little better so they don’t conk each other.

During OT, they made little kites and learned a new butterfly song that Sophia was practicing again later on in the week.  They continue to practice stairs during PT.  Since we don’t seem to have many other opportunities to practice, we’ve started having Zoe climb the stairs for her nap.  So far she hasn’t tried to resist and still has fun climbing.  If you ever try to just carry her up the stairs, she’ll start squirming to get down because she knows that she is supposed to climb by herself.

Zoe spent less time at school this week looking for a new Mama; usually she goes from Mom to Mom instead of interacting with the kids, and doesn’t seem to really care if I’m there or not.  This week there was a substitute teacher, and she was more interested in me than the other kids’ Moms (for once).

Sophia had her first regular speech therapy session through the School District.  We tried pickle juice again, and this time it was a hit.  Sophia put the spoon in her mouth several times to get the taste.  Kristi (her therapist) wants us to give her highly flavored/spicy/sour foods to stimulate her mouth more; apparently, that often works with kids with low muscle tone.  We are supposed to have “dipping parties” and get her to dip a spoon or something else into the stimulating food.   Mukwa really enjoyed the first salsa dipping party, getting lots of licks of the spoon.  Too bad she couldn’t actually drink out of the sippy cup she was offered.

After the pickle juice, we were off to get Sophia’s chest brace fitted.  She was very upset about the whole thing and squirmed and screamed.  Unfortunately, we had been trying to feed her, too, so she ended up spitting up pretty badly.  We were suprised at how hard and thick the back part is and were wondering if she’d be able to sleep on her back in her sling with it on.  Then we remembered how much she coughs in the morning and realized that would be too painful, so we realized we’d have to have her wear it during the day instead.  The doctor had suggested 8 hours, but there is no real magic to that as this is experimental.  I think we’ll probably try to get 5 or 6 hours in before her nap and see how that goes.  I thought she might be more willing to wear it when we were home and not with the scary man in scrubs in the doctors’ office, but she was not.  It seems too tight for her, so we are going to go back in again and check before we actually have her wear it.  If it doesn’t hurt, I think she’ll get used to it okay, but we certainly don’t want it to be painful.  Sophia is the youngest patient the brace maker has had and the U  of M is one of two centers in the country that do this non-surgical procedure, so she is likely one of, if not, the youngest patients to try this (if her parents can stomach doing it).

We were ready to try using the backpack again for her feedings, but that will be a lot for her to wear, especially in the summer, so I think we’ll skip that for the most part.  I tried it for her first feeding this morning and she didn’t spit up or anything, so that was great.  It’s been so nice giving her less food overnight.  We can fill up her feeding bag before she goes to bed and don’t have to go in to re-fill it, and best of all, she doesn’t need a diaper change (or sheet change because she’s leaked).  I’m also thrilled that her stools are so much more solid after going to just one type of food, so again, we don’t have any more leaking diapers in the morning (and I don’t have to step on her arms when I change her to keep her from getting her hands in the dirty diaper)!

Zoe continues to love all foods, especially bananas.  When Jess Anna and Sam (friends through work) were over today, she signed to Sam that she wanted “more” bananas, and luckily, he understood!  If she is ever grumpy, all is well again when she gets some food.  She’s started a new thing where she wants to alternate bites between the different food we are feeding her.  She’ll grunt at you until you figure out what she wants.

I have been dreading weaning Zoe from her last pre-bed nursing session, but when I finally tried it tonight, all was well.  I substituted a full bottle and distracted her and she went down without a fuss.  She woke up about 15 minutes later screaming hysterically, so after a couple of minutes, I changed her diaper, sang her a song and laid her back down, and she was just fine for the night (or at least until I published this blog).   Tomorrow night might not work as well since I’ll be gone all day and home just in time to put her to bed, but we’ll see.  It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to being ready for Hawaii.

It really hit me this weekend that we no longer have babies in our house–Zoe’s out of the Bjorn; we gave her mini-crib away; she’s being completely weaned, and they are both on the verge of walking…it’s kind of sad, but I guess we are on to new adventures!


  1. Christine says:

    you could always have another!!

  2. Cousin kelly says:

    Everything is a new adventure with kids! It always new and fun!!! It will get interesting when they are both able to walk or run away!!!

  3. Waa Waa Waa – where’s today’s post! I always read the weekly post while eating lunch. Always a fun thing to do on Monday’s. Hope all is going well with you guys!