walkin’ the line

We continued to work on stomach issues this week.  One day she was vomiting quite a bit again, so we tried a feeding of Pedialyte (and learned not to buy the big bottle as it’s only good for 48 hours).  John also tried pump feeding a couple of days.  I decided to try eliminating chocolate and tomatoes from my diet to see whether they were contributing to her gassiness.  She had a pretty good weekend, so I’ll keep it up for now.  John wanted to know if he should hide all the chocolate, but I didn’t think it would be a problem.  However, we seem to have a lot of chocolate in the house, and its sounding better and better the more days that go by.  Maybe he’ll have to hide it after all.  No more trips to the vending machine at work or trips to Ben & Jerry’s for the cookie cookie sundae.  Another thing we tried was changing out her MIC-KEY button; it hasn’t seemed to make much difference, but it’s good to have a new one just in case.  Her GI doc ended up recommending changing her G-tube to a G/J-tube, which would mean that her food would go directly into her intestine.  He would also have her switch back to the tube that was permanently attached (instead of the button).  Maybe he’s suggesting this extreme to keep me from calling, or maybe that’s really all he has left for suggestions.  At this point, her symptoms seem so intermittent that we hate to take such extreme actions.  We hope she’ll get permission to eat solids in a couple of weeks, and hopefully that will help too (if she’s willing to eat them).  She didn’t really like drinking milk from the med cup or the spoon/bottle this weekend, so we’ll have to see if cereal is any different.  


On Wednesday morning, Sophia, Mukwa and I walked over to the University of Minnesota to join some colleagues on the strike line with the U workers.  She had fun meeting new people and taking a ride outside.  She appeared to be their youngest supporter.  We ran into Sophia’s pulmonologist on the line. He checked in on her, made sure she was signed up for the RSV vaccination, etc.  Then he made sure to let me know that when he takes vulnerable kids out in public, he puts mosquito netting over their strollers so people can look but not touch.  Oops!  She didn’t get touched too much that day, but it reminded me how careful we need to be. It is so easy to forget how vulnerable she still is. I always think that the stroller and the outdoors is safe, but it is different when there are lots of people around.  My colleague who recently moved from Texas was concerned that she was getting cold, but she was perfectly comfortable since, like her dad, she runs pretty warm.  Later that day, Sophia put her hand and foot in paint to make me a birthday card.  Then she got to go to Siobhan and Aisling’s house for the first time to have dinner, celebrate my birthday and watch the premier of Kid Nation since we no longer have a tv.   


Saturday we walked up to the neighborhood fair, and Sophia got to hear some live music.  That evening Sophia got her first taste of Szechwan when we took a drive to her Papa’s favorite restaurant. It was good to get out and we were even able to get there and back before she needed to eat again so didn’t have to deal with her having reflux in the car seat right after she ate.  


Sunday was a busy day.  Sophia was awakened when the KSTP news truck parked out in front of our house so they could interview our neighbor about the home tour planned for the afternoon.  Then we were off to the zoo.  My friends Sara, Daryl, Elise and one-month old Grant were visiting from Boise, so we got to see them and several other college friends, kids and spouses.  It was a really warm day.  By the end, Sophia was pretty uncomfortable.  She really hasn’t spent much time in the heat with her heart and pale skin and all (and she didn’t really nap in her stroller as we expected).  There were tons of kids there, right at eye level with the stroller, so it maybe wasn’t the greatest place for Sophia, but they were great about not touching Sophia and just looking.  It was really fun to finally see everyone since we’ve had to be so careful about going places and having little visitors.  After that, we had our neighborhood home tour for the 25th anniversary of our neighborhood being a historic preservation district.  We didn’t have our house in it, but went through several of our neighbor’s homes.  There was a huge turnout and the mall was full of people.  Sophia was a good sport, but got pretty warm again.  Later on that night, Grandma came by with the last of the frozen breast milk and checked on the length of the curtains she’s making for Sophia’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom room.  They have this darkening material that my secretary recommended, so they’ll be really nice to keep the morning sun and evening light out (if she ever actually moves to her room).  We are thinking we’ll probably buy those bunk bed cribs for our anniversary – pretty romantic, huh?  They’ll take up a lot less space.  Sophia is getting pretty big for her bassinet, so we’ll probably move her to a crib after her Grandma Jackie comes to visit.  We hate to move her out of our room though, with her spitting up and coughing attacks. 


  1. I love you Sophia 🙂