We have a 3 year old!

Sophia turned 3 on Friday and gives you a big smile and holds up a few chubby fingers when you ask her if she’s 3. We tried out the toddler open gym time at Gleason’s Gym Friday morning, and they seemed to have fun crawling on the pads, walking on the squishy floor, and bouncing on the big trampolines. Zoe’s favorite part, predictably, was the chairs and the play kitchen set in the waiting area; she also thought the drinking fountain was pretty great. Sophia loves the padded slide and watching the other kids tumble. Her stair walking is rapidly improving, I think she is going to master some of her new IEP goals before she even gets to preschool in the fall.

We did have a meeting to switch her from early intervention to early childhood special ed (which needs to happen at age 3). This is also the point when she is no longer eligible for in-home services and needs to get services in a preschool setting. Luckily, they were willing to allow us to continue with the current program through the end of the school year since there are only a couple months left and such a big change would be hard on her (and us!). She won’t be eligible for services this summer because she hasn’t demonstrated any regression over breaks or after her hospitalization. We will all really miss that teacher/therapist time. It’s like they are part of our extended family, and it will be so sad when we have to say good-bye. We wanted to get the girls into an ECFE class this summer to help them stay ready for preschool in the fall, but there do not appear to be any programs like that available. Edina has a one-day-a week two-year-old preschool (no parents), but they were old 2’s not young 2’s, so Zoe was 12 days too young. There are other classes we can take, but we were hoping for a more school-like environment. I guess they’ll adjust when the time comes.

The girls also had the 2 year old and 3 year old checkups last week. They are now both sort of on diets (both are in a much higher percentage for weight than they are for height). We’ve reduced Sophia’s Pediasure, and replaced it with water. She was already at 85% of the “normal” caloric intake, but her doctor thought she was gaining a little too fast and with her propensity to have a concern with weight wanted to slow things down now. Zoe has moved from whole milk to 1% and seems to like it okay. Zoe was glad to have Sophia at the appointment so she could suggest that she go first for everything: “Sophia’s turn” for the stethoscope, “Sophia’s turn” for the thermometer, etc. Luckily, neither of them needed shots, so Zoe didn’t need to be so insistent: “Zoe all done?”