well…maybe never

Our cardiologist examined Sophia this afternoon and informed us that there are two things contributing to her de-saturation, the increased fluid intake sent fluid to her lungs (in children, excess fluid tends to accumulate in the lungs) which reduces lung capacity, and the fact that as her lungs mature they become less rigid, which somehow increases the blood mixing between between heart chambers resulting in less oxygen, I don’t really understand how all this works exactly but it means that she may be needing her other surgery sooner than anticipated. All of this started us thinking that we might have the next surgery before we get to leave the hospital from the first one.  We have been assured this won’t be the case but not to expect to go home before Monday since they have ordered a new drug, Digoxin, to help her heart pump and want to monitor her reaction as the difference between an effective dose and a toxic one is slight. Side effects of Digoxin include decreased potassium, which we hear is an even worse tasting supplement than the sodium that is causing so many problems. But her potassium levels are good so hopefully it won’t be yet another issue with her feeding.


Reflux training, by the way, was almost 2 hours long!   Way too long on an empty stomach.  And a large part of it was indeed dedicated to talking about raising the head of the crib. However, we did receive our very own Danny sling (otherwise known as a Tucker Sling) out of the ordeal and learned that we’ll have many adjustments to make– baby swings are out, and you’re supposed to use a car seat as little as possible because, like the swing, it puts her in a really bad sitting position causing her to crunch her stomach.  So, we need to find a different stroller that doesn’t use the infant seat as the base and probably limit traveling for awhile (I think this sounds like a medical reason to get the Bugaboo stroller I have been wanting).  Anyone in need of an unused Graco Mosaic Lotus stroller? Anyone?


Also, John said that if anybody else was having problems with the RSS subscription to try it again, it should be working.