“What you resist persists”

This was our parenting teacher’s favorite line from Monday’s ECFE class. She was basically saying that at this age, whatever you try to get your child not to do, they’ll just do more. She wants us to validate Sophia’s desires, so she knows she isn’t a bad kid (because she developmentally can’t separate out her actions from herself). Apparently, we are either appreciating or depreciating her at all times–only two choices. So for the rest of the week, we’ve been trying these lines: “Sophia, I know you are curious about Mukwa’s dishes, but Mukwa would like to have some water to drink, too.” “Sophia, I know you like to play with your MIC-KEY button, but we don’t want it to hurt you.” “Sophia, I know you love your sister, but she doesn’t really like to get her eyes gouged out.” “Sophia, I know you think it is fun to pull the lamp cord out of the socket, but then we can’t see.” and “Sophia, I know you are teething, but it hurts really bad when you bite Mama’s arm.” Can’t say they’ve been too effective either, but I imagine she’ll learn despite us.

Sophia had a fabulous time at school. She almost kissed the first little boy she met, and sent him running off to his Mama’s pant leg. (I hope that isn’t a bad sign). In circle time, she got to sing her favorite song “Sophia’s here today; Sophia’s here today; Sophia’s here today; Yeah, Sophia!” She fit right in socially and seemed really happy to be around all the 8 other kids (and their parents) and all the great toys. Papa thinks we need to get a swimming pool full of little plastic balls like they have at school. Maybe then Sophia wouldn’t want to play with theirs, which would make things a little easier. (We ended up emptying most of the balls out of the pool because the rule is that any time she puts something in her mouth, it is supposed to go into the sink to be bleached. Well, as you might imagine, each ball went straight into her mouth, and then straight into the sink.)

We had to explain during parent time why Sophia threw her Fig Newman (rest in peace, Paul) at snack time. I hope that eventually she’ll be more interested in eating as she sees the other kids stuffing their faces, but this first time, she threw the snack and spit out the water, just like at home. Someday, maybe she’ll become like her classmate who is obsessed with other people’s sippy cups.

Jane, Sophia’s PT, came to visit, too, so she got some special one-on-one time during the parent education part. She was climbing up little cushions and practicing standing using her knees. She didn’t get to give her teacher the apple she brought in her little back pack (the one that came with her feeding pump in case she needed to have it running all day), because it turned out that she had a teacher and an aide, and we even had a teacher. Next time, we’ll know to bring more. We’ve already signed up to bring snack one day (this feels so funny to be doing all of this school stuff at a 1 1/2 years old, but I guess that’s good).

Zoe had a good morning with Grandma; her longest time ever without one of us (almost 3 hours). She showed Grandma how well she can eat cereal and peas, and went down well for her nap.

Zoe also tried squash this week and really scrunched up her nose at the first couple of bites, but ate it fine in the end. We’ll have to bake up some of Grandma’s squash from the garden so they can have some fresh squash this fall. Zoe also devoured the applesauce today, grunting when I didn’t feed her fast enough.

Zoe’s big change this week was sitting all by herself (with supervision); she seems like a totally different baby, all upright! She worked really hard with Margie (OT) on Wednesday (hard enough to spit up, I heard). We are supposed to give both of them more time in a supported chair so they can focus on one thing without having to worry about keeping their bodies upright. Zoe loves being in the chair; Sophia, however, would rather be crawling around and standing up.

Sophia has still been really interested in her MIC-KEY button, and always wants to watch us putting things in it. She’ll play with a syringe and try to get it in the button. If she gets one of her little circular flannel protectors, she’ll also try to put that on. Today we finally gave her her own larger syringe to play with while I was feeding her, since she wanted to chew on the one I was using to feed her. She tried to put that one in her stomach tube, too. Her curiosity led her to pull it out again this week. The balloon must have leaked because she barely pulled on it and didn’t cry or anything when it came out. Luckily, she was in the high chair, so it was easy enough to keep her still while I put the old one back in (filling the balloon with milk, just to get it in), got Zoe up for a nap, and Papa got the new one in.

Zoe’s most amazing feat of the week was taking a 2.75 hour nap! She hasn’t done that since the one 3 hour nap she took as a tiny baby. Unfortunately, it appears to have been an anomaly, but now we know she can sleep longer than 1/2 hour at a time! Hopefully, she’ll grow into consolidated naps. In some ways, it is easier that she sleeps for such a short time, so we don’t usually have to wake her if we want to do something, but it also feels like we are always putting her down for a nap (and needing to get her back for a nap).

Sophia’s been having a little more trouble going to sleep at night these days. I think it is related to the fact that she is getting 4 more teeth all at once! This group is the first of the molars. I guess it is normal to skip the 3rd teeth on both sides and go to the 4th, and that’s what she’s done. Her #2s aren’t even completely in yet, so she’s basically working on 8 teeth all at once. She does seem to tolerate it better now than she did in the beginning, and it looks like it will be over quickly. Those first ones each took weeks on their own, and now she’s getting so many. I’m sure she’ll look so different with a mouth full of choppers.

Sophia has been doing really well with her climbing and cruising.  She can get around the high chair to see her sister.  She also loves the couch and can cruise along the back of it, looking out the window.  Today for the first time, she was able to climb up onto the sofa with the cushion out.  Normally, she climbs onto the cushion on the floor, then onto the sofa, and then onto the other cushion.  We are also working on getting down going backwards instead of face first, that seems to be a tricky one to learn.

I was diagnosed with deQuervain’s Tenosynovitis (inflamed tendon in the wrist) this week. The doctor said it was common for pregnant women and those who’d just given birth. I was trying to figure out why he kept asking me about my baby and didn’t care about my toddler (who is actually the one who is always pulling on my thumb). I’m supposed to wear a brace, which doesn’t work too well for snuggling, nursing, or carrying babies. The doc said I could take it off to change diapers; I asked whether it wouldn’t make more sense just not to change them, and he said I could try that…

Speaking of diapers, John got to take care of his first “poop cough” diaper for Sophia when Zoe and I were gone one evening for a presentation. My excitement waned when the next time I went through 6 diapers because of multiple poop coughs in a row. (I know it sounds strange, but Sophia has started coughing in the evenings now and pooping. We don’t know if the coughing makes her poop (which is what I always thought when she did it in the mornings) or if for some reason, the act of pooping activates her reflux and makes her cough. Admittedly, that sounds odd, but the only time she ever coughs before the morning, is when she also poops.

The girls were excited to spend Friday with Siobhàn who had the day off from school. She really got Sophia giggling on the swing and gave Zoe lots of attention, too.  She was a good assistant getting Sophia to look out the window while John took pictures.  The girls also got to see Hillary and Lily (and Jen and Bryant, of course, too). Sophia was thrilled to have a buddy to play with, and Zoe found another man with facial hair to hold her, so she was as content as could be.

Today was a rainy, mostly indoor day, so we decided to finger paint (with a water/flour mixture).   Predictably, Sophia started pulling her own hair with a hand full of paint, and Zoe started sucking her thumb, which was also full of paint.  Neither she nor Mukwa seemed to mind the taste, but it couldn’t have been very good.

It seems we spend most of the rest of our time these days putting books back on the shelf. Sophia is obsessed with books. She can reach the second shelf now, so I had to pack away the paperback kids books for a calmer day. She starts pulling them off and as she finds one she wants to listen to, she’ll hand it to someone to read. By the time you are half way through it, she’ll have found another she wants to hear. (Papa tries very unsuccessfully to enforce a “one book at a time” rule). She definitely has her favorites (the ones with very few words and great pictures, just like the experts say) and could listen to them several times over. She seemed suspicious of me today when I happened to be looking at her when I “read” the book, and not at the book! The first thing she did this morning when she got up was cruise right past her sister to the bookshelf to get a book. That’s pretty serious if she missed a chance to smoosh her sister! I think she could sit all day in a pile of books, chewing, turning pages, and listening to someone read to her. Zoe also likes books, but you have to give her one to chew on while you read another one. She’ll often try to trade you, so you are usually reading a slobbery one.


  1. Fun girls and fun parents… Deb, normally parents say their child slept for two hours and 45 minutes, not you, you timetrak it and say 2.75.

  2. Cousin Kelly says:

    Sounds like they are just cruising along!!!I hope school continues to go well for Sophia! It looks like they also might get a visit from Uncle Tom and Aunt Fran in a few weeks….By the way Sophia and Zoe, Southwest Airlines will start to fly into MN in March 09!!!!!!! Yeah!!!

  3. hi, i hope to u and ur parents to have happy life and God heals your daughter