And they are 11 months and 22 months

I wasn’t sure how the week would go when it started out with Sophia leaking poop all the way down her pajama leg.  That was a fun one to clean up!  Now I can see why one of my friends would just throw those clothes away!  Luckily, things improved from there.

Later that morning, we took Zoe to Sophia’s ECFE class for show and tell.  There are two other little baby sisters that come every week, so we wanted to bring her once, too.  She had a really good time for her first day of school. She got to sit at a little table (and accidentally slide off of a little chair at snack time), try Goldfish crackers, and ride on a little riding toy.  She also got to see lots of other kids and play with new toys.  We could have left her in the kid room during parent time, but since she is just sort of starting her separation anxiety (crying when you start to walk away), we thought it was best if one of us stayed with them.  It was fun to see the kids interacting without the parents.  Sophia got to play with her little friend in the pool of balls; it was so sweet!  This is the same little girl that came into the room asking where Sophia was.  I guess another little boy was talking about her on his way there; she’s making friends!

We also learned a new song, which has been stuck in our heads all week: “Sophia/Zoe is special; Sophia/Zoe is special…”  Nice song, but it starts to get annoying after repeating over and over in your head.  It helped Sophia get to sleep a few times, too, so we repeated it multiple times naming everyone we know.

As another side effect of school, their runny noses are back, but hopefully on the mend again, although they each seem to have a little bit of Papa’s cough.

They still love Papa’s iTouch.  Grandma was watching Sophia do the actions to “Wheels on the Bus” while listening to it on the iTouch…pretty funny.  She takes it off into a corner so she can be alone with it (and Zoe can’t get it).  John was trying to teach her to ask for a turn to play with it, and she started crying.  We realized we’re really going to have to get back bones about these tears or we’re going to end up buying two iTouches for little babies!

It was a good week for Sophia’s feeding. We got a new extension to go between her disposable feeding bag and her MIC-KEY button.  It doesn’t have a med port (which we don’t need anymore), so there isn’t anything to come open while she is stirring in her sleep.  We also got a clamp sort of deal to keep the bag portion from coming out of the extension, which would also happen on occasion.  It is really nice to eliminate two of the common problems we had with feeding the bed instead of her!  I’d asked a long time ago about a way to lock them, but finally connected with someone who knew about these.

We also took her in to meet our new Russian GI doc.  She is still leaking from her G-tube site, but hopefully her body will adjust to this new tube soon.  We are trying some new food that is 50% more calories, so we have less volume of food, but more volume of water.  We are hoping that that might help create more hunger in the mornings because most of her night “feedings” will be water.  Hard to say, but it is worth a try.  So far she is tolerating it.
We also found out that she is only two ounces shy of her goal of 25 pounds by age 2!  She is staying at 50% of the growth chart for height and weight, so we are thrilled.

Zoe pushed the pushcart slowly but surely during PT.  She also pulled to stand from the floor; I just looked over one day while concentrating on changing Sophia’s poopy diaper and there she was standing at the couch!  She is also doing the hand washing motion that Sophia uses.  It was pretty funny when Sophia’s GI doc washed his hands on the way out the door, and Zoe imitated him!  She knows where her feet are and loves to stomp them.  She frequently spontaneously claps when we are singing and waves when we go up the stairs for “ni ni.”  (It is less cute when she waves at me while nursing at 4:45AM to tell me: “Good Morning, I’m wide awake and ready to play.”)

The biggest news this week is that John and I went out of the house without either child for the first time since the 45 minutes we had “alone” before Zoe was delivered!  Aisling and Siobhan took great care of them while we went out for dinner, and neither even woke up during the 1 1 /2 hours we were gone; it was great!

Aisling and Siobhan came back again the next day so they could actually play with the girls, and then Siobhan spent President’s Day with us, so they got lots of time with their godsister.  Zoe was so funny when she heard Siobhan come in the door; she peered around the chair while she was crawling and got a big smile on her face.  Sophia just clung to her when it was time for her to go home.

The girls also got to see their Auntie Nicole and show off how they are growing.  Sophia loved her paperback version of A Christmas Carol even without pictures.  She paged through it for the longest time; it was a big hit.

Sophia is also getting better at pointing.  With one hand she’s moved from using her thumb to her middle finger and sometimes her index finger.  We asked her teacher why it was so important that she point with her “pointer” finger and it turns out it is a pre-writing skill, so I guess it is worthwhile working on!

Sophia spent Valentine’s morning with Grandma, as I had another presentation in St. Cloud.  She’s been giving Grandma unsolicited kisses all week, so they are really becoming buddies.  Sophia was so sweet when I came back to get her, giving me a big hug and waving “bye-bye” to Grandma.

Zoe got her special time alone with Grandma when they stayed in Rochester together while I did a presentation in Houston.  She had lots of time to snuggle, and we got back just in time for her to go to sleep in the car.

Zoe turned 11 months old this week, and I told Sophia that that was how old she was when we brought Zoe home from the hospital.  I asked her if she thought we should get another baby, and she threw her hands up on her head…I guess that was her answer!


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Congrats to you and John for getting out alone! I am pretty sure it was some what therapeutic and somewhat missing something!!!