Yeah, Sophia!

This weekend Papa taught Sophia to mimic him saying “Yeah!” It is very cute to see her get all excited. It also helps with feeding her; I can let her know that she’s doing a good job closing her mouth on the spoon and getting her little wagon wheel snack into her mouth. She loved her apple/blueberry puree today; although just as much got onto the toys I gave her to keep her from grabbing at the spoon than got into her mouth.

Sophia was just giddy to get outside this afternoon in the beautiful weather. It was a much nicer day than when we had to take her out in the tundra on Tuesday to get her echocardiogram. The test looked good, however, so there is one less possible explanation for her daily fevers.

She also had a weight check while we were at the U. She is now up to 19 pounds, 2 ounces. No wonder my feet get tired these days–20 pounds of Sophia and 20 pounds of her little sister…

Monday Sophia got to watch her friend Hannah have a photo shoot and get pony tails put in (Sophia’s hair is getting close to long enough for pony tails, but we aren’t quite there yet). Grandma also brought her Valentines presents (and some snuzzling, of course). She also got to see/meet Harley and Christina (friends from work) and their Grandson Sammy, who was busy engineering the electric Lego train. Someday Sophia will spend hours with her Papa making Lego creations, too.

Much to her teacher’s delight, Sophia made it through PT on Thursday without spitting up. She practiced all of her big motor skills and learned a new “horsey” good-bye song. Sophia makes the waving motion quite a bit, but we are still working on associating it with “good-bye” and “hello.” She’s starting to like “peek-a-boo” more these days, too. John’s decided that she puts her fingers in our noses because that’s what she thinks people do that love each other (since we always seem to be trying to clean her nose out).

Sophia and Papa also kept up their pact for yet another week: There seems to be this agreement that Sophia will only have a poopy diaper when I’m watching her. Even if she misses her regular morning poop, she’ll wait until I get home at night (or my favorite, in the middle of the night!).

We’re trying to get Sophia prepared for the little one that will soon be joining her, but I’m sure it will still be a shock. She does love faces (and people), so I’m sure she’ll be happy about it, for the most part. If this baby comes as early as Sophia did, she’ll be born on Leap Day (so needless to say, we are starting to think she is coming any time).


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    I can’t believe how much she has learned to do in such a small time!!!! It all happens at once! I hope your pregnancy is going well, Deb!!!!

  2. Cousin Stacy says:

    Yeah, Sophia!
    Wow…up to 19 pounds , you go girl.
    Always thinking of you .
    Much Love,
    Cousin Stacy